Counseling Services

Responsive Services:

I provide services to individuals or small groups of students depending on their current need. I help students with social, emotional, academic or physical problems. My interventions are usually brief, solution-focused interventions in which I guide students in problem-solving. I also help families with referrals, should they choose more in-depth therapeutic counseling.

Guidance Lessons:

I teach guidance lessons to all classes at least once a month.The topics of my lessons are designed to help students improve their personal/social relationships, academic development, and to develop college and career readiness. Some topics that will be covered are bullying prevention, social skills, self-esteem, college and career readiness, communication skills, goal setting, responsible behavior, drug prevention, problem-solving, and cross-cultural awareness.

Individual Planning:

I help teachers, students, and parents work together to create educational plans designed for meeting individual social, educational, and developmental needs.

System support:

I consult regularly with teachers, staff, parents, administrators, and community members to establish a positive, student-centered learning environment.