Attendance Notes

Calling to report your student absent does not excuse your student. Written verification of the absence must be received by the school attendance office within 48 hours (2 days) of a student’s return to school. It is best to submit a hand-written note directly to the attendance office. However, an e-mail, from the parent’s email address, with an attached note that includes a parent/guardian signature will be accepted. Upon receipt of written verification from a parent/guardian, the unverified-unexcused absence will be updated.

All notes from parents/guardians should include the following:

1. Full legal name of student

2. Student’s ID number

3. Date(s) of absence

4. Reason for absence

5. Parent’s signature

6. Current date

Doctor notes must be completed by the physicians office stating the exact date(s) the note is covering. Notes that state to return when fever free will not be accepted to cover all absences; only the date listed. Doctor notes that are altered by a parent will not be accepted.