Acceleration Options

  • LISD Screener Test - The LISD Screener Test is given to on-level 5th and 6th grade math students in May each school year. This is an opportunity for students to move from on-level to PACE math. All communication about the screener test is provided through the student's current on-level math teacher and our district offices.
  • Exam For Acceleration - Exam for Acceleration allows students to demonstrate mastery of content/skills through an exam so that they may advance to the next level or course.
  • Extra Acceleration - In LISD, PACE math is considered a single accelerated math course. The traditional PACE track means students will take Pre-AP Algebra I during their 8th grade year. Some current PACE students wish to accelerate an additional math course by taking an Exam for Acceleration (EA). This track means these students will be on track to take Pre-AP Geometry during their 8th grade year.
  • Decelerating from Algebra 1 - Details and logistics provided here if your student is currently taking Algebra I and you would like information about dropping a level so your student can take Math 8 again.
  • High school courses & GPA - Information about how credits are received and what appears on a student's transcript when high school credits are earned at the middle school level.