College & Career

College Awareness Week

Each year, the CRMS Counseling office hosts a college and career week. This typically occurs the week following Spring Break. The week includes a variety of activities to start conversations about post-secondary options.

        • Teacher Interviews: Daily videos are created and shown to students that include teacher interviews. During the daily videos, teachers are interviewed about their experiences during college that apply to the topic focused on each day
        • Fight Song Challenge: During the daily videos, students have the opportunity to participate in The Fight Song Challenge. Each day, a fight song is played and clues are provided. Students can read the clues, research the school, and then make their best guess on the daily quiz contest.
        • Virtual Tours: During the daily videos, clips are shown of a variety of colleges and universities. Some focus on the specific college while others focus on a specific area of college life (i.e. paying for college, admissions, dorm life, etc.).
        • College Corridor: Our college corridor is a hallway leading to our academic wing. In it, we have grouped our staff members by colleges attended. AVID classes will also post a Men's and Women's NCAA Sweet Sixteen Bracket where we will be tracking the events of March Madness. Students also have the opportunity to vote on the winners. The hope is that the College Corridor will provide students with Colleges and Universities to expand their exposure to a variety of settings as well as provide them with teachers as resources for those colleges they may be interested in attending.
        • Career Interviews: Students will be surveyed for popular career choices. Individuals holding these careers will be interviewed by students and showcased in the daily video. This allows students to see professionals in various areas of employment.
        • CAW Quiz Contest: Students have the opportunity to participate in a daily quiz contest. The quiz will include questions from the Fight Song Challenge, Teacher Interviews, Career Interviews, and Virtual Tours. Correct answers on the quiz will enter students into a drawing for prizes! Prizes are awarded the week after College Awareness Week.
        • Rumble at the Ridge: We cap our College Awareness Week off with Rumble at the Ridge - a basketball game that pits our student players against our faculty team. Run by our CRMS student council, the event comes with a pep rally and definitely creates a fun and competitive game for spectators and all involved.
        • Scholarship: During Rumble at the Ridge, CRMS raises money from concessions and entry tickets. These funds are used to maintain The CRMS Alumnus Scholarship. Students who attended CRMS during 6th through 8th grade may apply for the scholarship. Coordinated and run through our student council, questions can be directed to Ms. Nora Blevins and the application packet is posted HERE.

PSAT 8/9 (Eighth Grade)

Each fall, eighth grade students take the PSAT 8/9. LISD believes the exposure to these exams provides students the opportunity to evaluate their current academic skills and work to improve their performance before taking the SAT and/or the ACT in eleventh and twelfth grades. When score reports are received, they are reviewed with students and sent home to parents. As an additional resource, students have the opportunity to create a College Board account and link that account to the KHAN Academy. Once these two are linked, students are provided with personalized enrichment opportunities based on the PSAT results. Information about this process can be found at our district CCR website. The website also includes resources for understanding the PSAT score report.

Four Year Planning (Eighth Grade)

During a student's eighth grade year, the counselor dedicates lessons to students to help them with the process of transitioning to VHS. This transition includes understanding graduation requirements and planning these requirements out through their four years in high school. The lessons are meant to provide students with the opportunity to understand the process. Students are not creating unchangeable plans. For more information about these lessons, visit the eighth grade counselor's guidance website.