Boys Athletics

Boys Athletics

Boys athletics is available to seventh and eighth grade students at Canyon Ridge Middle School. There are two points of entry for students who want to be in the athletics period:

Entry Point One: Playing Football

Students who want to play tackle football in the 7th and 8th grade will sign up for athletics during course selection. Football is a non-cut sport and all students are permitted to play. Students who sign up for athletics will play football. Seventh graders practice football before school and into the first period athletics period. Eighth graders practice during their eighth period athletics period and after school. At the end of the football season, students have the option of trying out for the basketball team. Those who make the basketball team will again practice before school (7th grade) and after school (8th grade). Those who do not make the basketball team or choose not to try out will no longer come before or after school. Instead, these students will participate in the off-season conditioning program that occurs only during the class day.

Entry Point Two: Not Playing Football and Playing Basketball

Students who do not want to play football will NOT sign up for athletics during their course selection. Instead, these students will sign up for PE or Off Campus PE. When basketball tryouts occur, students will tryout for the basketball team. If they make the team, they will receive a schedule change into the athletics period so they can practice before (7th grade) and after (8th grade) school as well as during the period. When the basketball season is over, students will remain in the athletics period for the remainder of the school year. They will not move back to their PE or OCPE class.

Additional school sports

    • Students who are interested in cross country (non-cut), track/field (non-cut), or soccer (cut) may participate in these sports without being in athletics. These sports do not practice during the athletics period.
    • Students cannot be enrolled in cross country and football at the same time since their seasons overlap.
    • Students who participate in athletics or any school sport must have a physical on file with the coaches before they can participate or try out. The physical must me on the LISD form which can be found on the athletics site.