Michelle L. Shivers

Attendance Clerk

Office # 512-570-1014

Fax# 512-570-1086

Parent Absence Reporting Line # 512-570-1073



  • Tardiness reduces instructional time and disrupts routine.
  • Students must be present and in class at 8:40AM when the bell rings. If not, they will be counted tardy by their teacher.
  • If a student arrives after 8:40AM, the student MUST check in with Attendance in the Front Office.


  • Parent notes can be submitted via email from the parent/guardian's email address or hand delivered to the Attendance Office by the student before first bell. All medical notes can also be emailed by the parent or faxed from the doctor's office or hand delivered by the student.
  • Attendance cannot be coded based on a phone call. It must be a note or email as described above.
  • All absence notes must be received within 48 hours of the student returning to LHS.
  • If the absence is due to a medical appointment, it is ALWAYS best to turn in a medical note.
  • Due to the high volume of notes received, please allow at least 48 hours for the attendance code to be updated. Absence codes can be monitored in the HAC (Home Access Center).
  • For a medical absence not to affect final exemptions, a student must be absent for only part of the day, must have checked in/out at the Attendance Office, and must have turned in a medical note within 48 hours of the absence.



Two ways for students to request a permit to leave campus early:

    • Submit a parent/guardian note/email BEFORE the first period of the day begins.
    • The parent/guardian may come to the front office, provide a photo ID, and check their student out. Due to the high volume of requests, please arrive at least 20 minutes BEFORE you need your student to be released. A parent/guardian sign-out does NOT replace the need for a note--proper documentation (parent note or medical note) is still required to code the absence correctly.
    • Please be advised that any attempt to check out a student during his/her lunch or sport period will result in a much longer wait, or an unsuccessful location of the student and a frustrated and wasted trip for the parent. To avoid this, please send a note with your student in the morning or email the attendance office at the address above so that a Pass to Leave Campus can be given to the student prior to the check out time.
  • Parents can email the attendance office to request an Early Dismissal as long as the parent email address is on file with LHS.
  • Student drivers are required to sign out through the Attendance Office. We cannot have your student waiting for you without prior written authorization.
  • Students MUST sign in/out at the Front Office when they leave/return to campus.
  • In order to avoid delays in your student receiving their Early Dismissal pass, parent notes, emails, and faxes MUST be received by 8:30AM.
  • ALL students MUST get their Permit To Leave pass BEFORE school on exam days. We are NOT able to deliver passes or call classrooms during the day on EXAM Days.


Leander High School attendance data is gathered by a company based in California. All emails and phone calls about missed classes/days are generated electronically by this company.

Any questions or concerns about the Home Access Center (HAC) can be address by searching the district website at leanderisd.org and submitting your question/concern in a "Let's Talk" ticket.

  • If a student has been incorrectly marked absent in a class, it is the student's responsibility to email the teacher and request a correction.
  • The student should include their name, ID #, and the date/period they were incorrectly marked absent.
  • If there was a sub, please include a brief description of what was done in class that day so that the teacher can verify if the student was in attendance.
  • The Attendance Office is unable to correct attendance until we have received confirmation, via email, from the teacher requesting the change.
  • Please note: Attendance corrections can only be made for the current grading cycle.


  • Only Juniors and Seniors are allowed 2 college visit days per school year.
  • Official verification of the visit from the institution of higher education must be provided within 2 days of the student's return to LHS. A map of campus, parking permit, or picture of student at campus visit will not be sufficient documentation.
  • Verification of the college visit must be on college letterhead and include the student's name, ID #, grade, and date of the visit.


All students are required to take their fall semester exams. Exemptions from Final Exams are an honor earned by students who attend school regularly, follow the student code of conduct, master the required content and demonstrate required grades. This incentive has proven a powerful and effective tool encouraging high levels of student attendance that affect our Average Daily Attendance (ADA). Although exam exemptions excuse a student from taking the cumulative final exam, they were never intended to excuse students from attending the class.

What is the policy? LISD handbook policy states: Students who qualify for spring semester exam exemptions must attend all classes during the week of semester exams. Qualifying students are exempt from taking the semester exam but are not exempt from attending class.

Final exam exemption policies (including required qualifications) can be found in the district handbook.

Students may earn exemptions from their Spring Final Exams if they qualify by meeting the criteria below:

    • Students must attend all classes during the week of semester exams.
    • Qualifying students are exempt from taking the semester exam but are not exempt from attending class.
    • Qualification for Spring Exam Exemptions will be based on a student’s attendance for the entire school year.
    • Number of Absences must not exceed 6 per class period for the entire year.
    • Students moving in at semester must not exceed 3 absences per class period.
    • Minimum Average Grade Required is determined by averaging the 5 grading cycles.
    • Students must obtain a grade average of 80 - 100.
    • Students who level down from AP/Pre-AP to an on-level course must follow the general exemption requirements.
    • Semester Courses including AP Government and AP Economics are not eligible for exemptions.
    • Students enrolled in semester courses will be required to take the semester exams.