Academic & Career Planning

What is ACP?

​It is a student-driven, adult-supported process in which students create and cultivate their own unique and information-based visions for post-secondary success, obtained through self-exploration, career exploration, and the development of career management and planning skills. The range of formal ACP begins in Grade 6 and goes through grade 12 (state requirement starting in 2017).

Which students will participate in ACP?

All students enrolled in grades 6 through 8 in our school district will participate in ACP. This also includes students with disabilities who have Individualized Education Programs (IEP), well as, students with Section 504 Accommodation Plans.

What role do families have in the ACP process?

Families are an integral part of the ACP process! Families are encouraged to review their child’s plan and discuss all of the component opportunities in order to help them make thoughtful decisions that align with their goals. DPI is developing resources that schools can use to collaborate with parents in these efforts.

What is the community’s role in the ACP process?

From both a financial and staff perspective, it will be important to connect to other providers outside of school to ensure access to expertise and services that cannot be provided by the school alone. This includes occupational expertise, job-shadowing, two year and four year college visits, and field trips to local business and industry. The district ACP team works with local and regional partners to provide a means to collaborate and support mutual goals.

Why Academic Career Planning?

How will LDF implement Academic Career Planning?

Why Academic and Career Planning (ACP)?

Lac du Flambeau School believes that there is a “Plan and Purpose” for the life of every student that enters our district. It is our goal to help students discover that Dream and develop the academic and social/emotional skill set that will prepare them for success.

Data show us that by 2018 over 80% of all newly created jobs will require either a two or four year college experience. In addition, we know that currently only around 30% of high school students ever complete those two or four year programs. The major reason for failure is a lack of core academic skill, marginal study habits, or minimal post-secondary career planning.

According to the ACT ( American College Test) Report, Middle School is the essential time for developing all of those skills. It states, “Eighth grade readiness is a critical defining point for students in the college and career planning process.” It further says, “Students who are not on tract for college and career readiness by eighth grade are unlikely to attain readiness by high school graduation.”

How will LDF implement Academic and Career Planning?

At each middle school grade level from 6th – 8th , students will explore and experience college and career goal setting/planning by developing their personal Academic Career Plan with the guidance of adult mentors. The Academic Career Plan for students will be developed by using a district wide collaborative school approach including the guidance from classroom teachers, counselors, and other professionals in the community.