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About the Nottingham Prize

The Nottingham Prize was originally established in 1966 from contributions given in memory of Professor Wayne B. Nottingham of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by his many friends and associates. The prize, currently consisting of a certificate and $1,500, is awarded to the best student paper presented at the conference. This prize represents a seminal honor since many Nottingham winners have gone on to become leaders in the field of surface science. In addition, you and your advisor’s names will be added to the Nottingham Wikipedia website.

A student paper is defined as a paper based on a Ph.D. thesis whose date of submission is no earlier than one year before the meeting at which the Prize is given. That includes students who have not yet completed, their Ph.D. thesis work or have completed their Ph.D. as long as the thesis was submitted less than one year ago. In either case, your talk must be on your Ph.D. thesis work, not on work undertaken subsequently. Due to the exceptional circumstances, we include all papers based on thesis submitted no earlier then June 2019.

All Nottingham contestants must complete and submit the following materials:

1. The PEC registration form (submitted through the PEC 2020 registration website). Registration deadline for Nottingham contestants is October 18th 2020 (extended deadline).

2. A Nottingham Prize competition package submitted as a single PDF file, including:

(i) A cover letter indicating your interest in the Nottingham Prize competition. Include in the letter expected thesis submission and graduation dates.

(ii) A brief vita.

(iii) An extended abstract of approximately 1,500 words for the merit review (Download Word Template).

The package should be sent as an email attachment to: The subject line of the email should start with “PEC2020 Nottingham Your Name.”

We will accept abstracts until October 18, 2020 (extended deadline). Although the competition will be judged largely on the video presentation, the Nottingham Prize competition package is needed to provide additional information to the judges to select the finalists. Submission of a thesis or of a manuscript to be published is not acceptable. The committee may limit the number of competitors based on the package.

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