80th Annual Physical Electronics Conference

a virtual event hosted by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

December 8, 2020

October 12 update: Given the timing of the most recent announcement of the conference, we we set the final submission deadline for the Nottingham Prize to Sunday, October 18, 2020. We apologize to contestants who made an effort to meet the earlier deadline.

Location and Date

The 80th Physical Electronics Conference will be held virtually on December 8, 2020 and hosted by The Advanced Light Source and the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in Berkeley, California. The meeting will take place as a virtual Nottingham Prize Competition only.

Event program here.

Conference Format - Nottingham Prize Competition Only

The Physical Electronics Conference has been held on university campuses and at research labs around North America for the last 80 years. It provides a yearly forum for the dissemination and discussion of novel and fundamental theoretical and experimental research in the physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering of surfaces and interfaces. The conference draws from cutting edge research in material science; topics include structural, electronic, chemical, magnetic, or topological properties of surfaces and interfaces and thin films; electron correlation or processes of energy, electron, ion, and molecular transfer at surfaces and interfaces at surfaces and interfaces; energetics, kinetics, and dynamics of physical, chemical, and biological transformations; interactions of organic or biological materials; mechanisms of film growth, effects of reduced dimensionality, confinement or patterning. Presentations of PhD thesis research, made by student contestants for the prestigious Nottingham prize ($1,500), are highlighted.

This year, like so much of 2020, will be different. We are holding the event as a virtual Nottingham Prize Competition. Selected contestants are asked to submit a 10 minute video due November 30th, 2020. It is expected that contestants will compete and collaborate during the production process. Ranking will be based on scientific merit, presentation, and engagement.

The prestigious Nottingham Prize was established from contributions given in memory of Professor Wayne B. Nottingham of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by his many friends and associates.


For questions please contact Alpha N'Diaye or Andrea Taylor.