Bridging the Gap

The technologies in the AV Showroom aim to bridge the gap between in-room and online participation. Options include speaker and camera systems that provide excellent audio and video experiences by providing options that work in small to very large conference rooms. Whiteboards which enable participation in-room and online. And telepresence devices for immersive remote experiences.

  • Camera systems focus the attention on the in-room participants so that online users get to see the faces of participants and not a large room filled with people

  • Audio systems that provide clear and crisp sound no matter where the participants are located in the room

  • Touch displays enable collaboration by emulating the experience of using a physical whiteboard

  • Telepresence tools like smart glasses and robots allow participants to interact with remote spaces from their devices

Better audio in the conference room means participants online will be able to hear and capture what is being communicated better

Augmented reality via smart glasses and telepresence robots allow participants to interact as if they were in the room

These technologies bring in-room and online participants closer by focusing on the active speakers in the room

Share, draw, and interact with digital and physical whiteboards whether in the conference room or online

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