Thank Yous

Team Yale would like to thank...

The Lawndale School Board

Everyone at the District Office who was a part of making this 1:1 Chromebook Pilot happen:

  • Ellen Dougherty
  • Betsy Hamilton
  • John Vinke
  • Todd Barker
  • Yvette Abatte

Everyone who provided support and structure for the program here at JAMS:

  • Dennis Perry
  • Cristal Moore
  • Luis Gomez

Our students who put in many hours rapidly picking up and developing new techniques on the computers to demonstrate learning in creative ways.

The families of Team Yale students who supported their children in this new endeavor.

And our instructional GURU and WONDER WOMAN AnneMarie Mowad, who taught us all we know about 21st Century learning and innovating lessons with technology! We couldn't have done it without your support and expertise.

~ Susan Nichols, Bridget Mahoney, and Silvya Ortiz-Figueroa