Human Rights

Today we are going to talk about human rights. This is a big problem that kids and adults face all around the world everyday. This presentation will explain why you should support this cause. Okay let's go.

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One topic is that women get sexually harassed at their job. Studies show that 1 in 3 women say that they get sexually harassed at work. This is important because if this is happening to women all over the world, then it could get worse and become a bigger problem than it is now.

LGBTQ+ is a problem at schools and work people from adults to kids face bullying and other ways of hatred. Each day, those kids consider suicide and other try affecting families and friends. [?]

Talking about kids, let talk about what some of them face in other countries. You may not know this, but kids in Syria become soldiers at such a young age like 5. Over 300,000 children under the age of 18 are used as child soldiers worldwide.

Some kids have to live on their own and make a living at age 10. This is big problem because they do not have money. If they have no money, then they work jobs that can be dangerous and very hard. Kids get ill and some die from illnesses and diseases.

People are using children in unfair ways. Annually, 700,000 children face abuse. 4 out of 5 abusers are the victims’ parents. 49.4% of children that die from child abuse are under the age of 1.

People face unfair trials in at least 54 countries. More than 90% of victims know their perpetrator. As you can see, child abuse is important.

Human Rights are important. Children and adults all over the world suffer from human rights violations everyday. There is an organization called Human Rights Watch that helps people that go without human rights.

According to Charity Navigator, Human Rights watch has a four star rating. Human Rights Watch advocates for change in more than 90 countries.

Human Rights Watch helps kids and adults get their rights back. Human Rights Watch is an effective organization because people all over the world donate to them. Human Rights Watch can help with anything related to child rights.

Let’s talk about why should you help next.

Everyday, people go through life without rights. Kids and adults get abused, but Humans Rights Watch is trying to help fight against this problem and get people to help them.

People all over the world donate to Humans Rights Watch organization to help. You can help these children in need that face child abuse by donating money to Human Rights Watch!

Angela - Writing

I chose this issue because this is important. If we do not help people, then it can become a bigger issue.

Ashley - Music

I chose Human Rights because I believe that everyone should be able to have the same rights & opportunities and never be taken away from one another.

Camila - Explainer Video

I chose Human Rights because I saw that people’s human rights were not equal and not everyone gets the same rights as others.

Edwin - Images

This issue is important because everyone needs rights even if they don’t meet the stereotypical bar. We all are human, and we all deserve equality.

Hortencia - Storytelling Video

I chose Human Rights because I believe that people should always be treated fairly. Some people aren’t being treated with respect being of their race, religion, and who they are.

Javier - Music

I chose Human rights because I believe that everyone should have rights and not be abused.

Jose - Music

I chose Human Rights because I think that humans have the right to do many things, such as homeless people have the rights to have a home and to dress however they want. They have the right to not be discriminated because of their look and race.

Julie - Writing

I chose this issue because I know everybody shouldn’t have human rights violations.

Juliet - Storytelling Video

I decided to be on team Human rights because many people say they have major problems, like not having a long enough charger, while neglecting other more significant problems like not being treated fairly. They are discriminated by their gender, skin color, who they like, religion, etc.

Juliette - Explainer Video

I chose Human Right because I think that everyone should have rights and do what they want. Nobody can take away that passion, their culture and rights.

Kamryn - Storytelling Video

I chose Human Rights because I think everyone should be able to speak their mind, get an education, and be themselves without being discriminated. These issues are being violated a lot which is unfair and should be stopped.

Santiago - Infographic

I chose this issue because it is important to me. It matters that everybody has rights that they shouldn’t get taken away. One person can make a difference.

Tyler- Images

I chose this issue because it is important. Everyone needs the same rights or else it wouldn’t be fair for most people who don't have the same rights as other people.

Vanessa - Infographic

I chose this issue because of its importance. This is important to me because I believe that everybody should be treated equally and not differently.

Image credits: Pixabay, Wikipedia