Region South Schools Honored

2024 California Distinguished Schools

This prestigious honor celebrates schools across California that excel in closing achievement gaps and showcasing exceptional student performance through their remarkable commitment to excellence. 

Recognizing outstanding academic excellence and innovation, the Magnet Schools of America has awarded four Region South schools with National Merit Awards. 

Get Help with FAFSA Over Spring Break!

slideshow for front office

Welcome from Region South Superintendent Andre Spicer 

Introducing the Region South iAttend Attendance Playbook

Click here to access the Region South iAttend Attendance Playbook

Being on time and in regular attendance supports

academic success. Every school day counts. 

Parent Advisory Committee Elections

LAUSD Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho visits Region South 

All hands on deck! 

Our Region South team is ready to support our students, employees and school communities on the first day of school. 

First Day of School at Fremont Senior High

Start with the love! First day at Fremont High School was electric! Our families and students are the best. Congratulations Pathfinders!! 

#iAttend #BackToSchool #AcceleratingSuccess 

Los Angeles Library books for students of all ages to read and learn from this summer 

Also, please remember that Los Angeles Unified students receive a Student Success Card for accessing all Los Angeles Public Library materials online. Students do not need their actual card; they just need their library card number and personal identification number (PIN). If someone doesn't know their library card number or PIN, they can fill out this form, and a librarian will assist them.

We’re ready for the world! 

Are you ready for us? 

STEAM Gala creates awareness of students' classroom abilities and possible career paths

Held in May, the annual STEAM Gala celebrates our students, as they demonstrate their achievements in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. It is a day-long festival that brings awareness to the students and may signal their potential interest in a future profession.

his event represents a year-long focus on incorporating

UTK is Free for All Children; Sign up today

Here's how to get your child enrolled in the program

Universal Transitional Kindergarten is available for students turning age four by Sept. 1. Please learn how to enroll your child in the program, and find answers to other questions you may have. Click on this link

Free on-demand tutoring available 24/7 for students of all ages and abilities

Mental health hotline to help students and families is available every day for your support

The phone hotline - 213-241-3840 - is open from 6 am to 6 pm on weekdays, staffed by counselors and mental health professionals to provide support in both English and Spanish. Teachers can also call to get advice on how to connect their students to services. Questions can also be sent to

Enroll your child in a Region South school today