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GHS Design Studio's vision is to provide a design and media arts education that will develop successful and productive members of society by imparting 21st century skills that include critical thinking, communication, problem solving, innovation and collaboration. In addition to employability skills, students in this pathway will be trained in the skills and technology needed to be competitive in the Arts, Media and Entertainment Industry sector. In the face of rapid evolution in digital technology and media arts, GHS Design Studio aims to give students the tools they need to be successful innovators now and in the future.

Our school's motto: "What we are to be, we are now becoming" fits our current transition well. Shown is a new logo arising from the rubble of our old Studio 401 classroom.

A Bit of History:

From its inception in 2007 to 2020, the DVMA pathway at Grant HS was in room 401 and was known as Studio 401. An ongoing and large-scale modernization project will soon move the class to a newly constructed building. In light of this paradigm shift the pathway has been reborn as the GHS Design Studio.

This video is an overview of the GHS Design Studio (formerly known as Studio 401).

Pathway Flyer

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Pathway Brochure


The GHS Design Studio is a CTE (Career Technical Education) pathway in the Design, Visual and Media Arts (DVMA). Meaning that it is made of three courses that guide students through their career readiness for the Arts, Media and Entertainment industry sector. In the pathway, we offer two concentrator courses: Graphic Design (almost entry-level) and Animation for Design (slightly more advanced). The third course, Advertising Design, is the capstone course. Students in this course are considered advanced and have already completed at least one of the concentrator courses.

Funding for this pathway is provided by the Perkins Grant for Career and Technical Education. This pathway maintains the 11 Elements of a Quality Program to compete for Perkins funding. As a result pathway students are engaged in rigorous content, Career Technical Student Organizations, articulation with LA Valley College, and certifications.

For more information about the GHS Design Studio,
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