Lagniappe Wellness Dietetic Internship

Welcome to the 2021 class of the Lagniappe Wellness Dietetic Internship!

In the next 9 months and following passage of the Registration Exam for Dietitian Nutritionists, you will be transformed into a credentialed professional ready to go wherever your work ethic and imagination takes you in the exciting and evolving field of nutrition and dietetics.

This Google site will be the central location where you will find resources, information and assignments and where you will submit weekly reflections, evaluations, and assignments. Each intern will have his or her own submission page where materials are submitted. As such, this Google site will also be your developing electronic portfolio of reflections, resources, evaluations, assignments, etc.

Note that there are various topic area pages which contain assignments and a page for your submissions. The Forms and Documents page as well as each topic area page contains the syllabus, activity lists and self evaluation for each of the four rotations.

Each intern is required to submit a Weekly Reflection by Monday 8:00 AM central time for the previous week. This form is found on the Submission Page and should be submitted even if no supervised practice hours occurred as you will be tracking the week number of the Internship that you are in.