First Week Reflection

So far in fifth grade I enjoy meeting new people and making friends. A challenge that I had to solve was designing my classroom. My favorite memory so far in fifth grade was doing a breakout EDU. I was surprised when I saw a lot of my friends from 3rd and 4th grade.

Labor Day Weekend

Over Labor Day weekend I didn't do that much stuff, but I did do sum stuff. On Saturday we took my sister to cheer at the football game agents Worwick. On Thursday to Sunday I just relaxed, played A Lot of Fortnite, and watched A Lot YouTube. On Monday we went to my gradmother's house to swim and had a Labor Day party.

TWIL how to identify and classify shapes by there properties. We also learned how do tell what other shapes can also be called. Our whole school also did the A.L.I.C.E. saftey drill.

TWI finished my book club book and packet for Fuzzy Mud. Fuzzy Mud was 181 pages long, I had 7 jobs to do in my packet. I really liked Fuzzy Mud because I really like advetrure books. Fuzzy Mud was writing by the author of Holes. So if you like Holes you'll love Fuzzy Mud.

TW we got a service dog named SSD Eagle. Eagle is very sweet, cute and loves to give kisses and get loved and pet. His favorite food is Goldfish. His favorite toy is his toy squid. Eagle also likes to sleep a lot in the afternoon with his little squid.

Christmas&New Years Break

This Christmas was amazing, proboly one of the best Christmas's like ever. I got a lot of the stuff I asked for, and a few awesome other stuff I didn't ask for. I got a lot of clothes, a headset and microphone for my PS4, a new controller for my PS4, a basket ball, basket ball hoop, a headset stand, two books, 60$, a new pair of shoes, a metal water bottle, and two new jackets. I also got to visit some family.

My Blondy, Cringey but Savege Best Friend

My best friend's name is Avary. He's 11 years old, and the best friend anyone could ask for. When we hang out we play football and Fortnite, we make jokes and lauph WAY to much when we're with each other. Avary and I also make fun of each other and make each other look stupid, but we mean it as a joke.