歡迎𦲷臨我們 KYS 網站。本校致力培育未來領袖為實踐此願景,我們發展了一校本教育框架 《明日領袖教育框架》,以全人教育方式培養學生具備明日領袖的元素,讓他們能為人類的未來帶來幸福和進步。請瀏覽網站了解詳情。

Welcome to our KYS website. Our school is dedicated to nurturing future leaders, and to achieve this vision, we have developed a school-based educational framework - the "Leaders of Tomorrow Framework Framework", through holistic education we equip students with the qualities of leaders of tomorrow who will contribute to people's well-being and advancement in the future. Please visit our website for more details. 

Application Notes for Primary One Discretionary Places Admission 

紙本申請:家長可於 2023 年 9 月 25 日至 29 日(星期一至五),上午 9:00 - 12:00 及下午 2:00 - 4:00 到校提交自行分配學位申請表格。

Paper Form Application: Parents can submit the application form to the school from September 25 to 29, 2023 (Monday to Friday), 9:00 am - 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

電子申請:家長可於 2023年 9 月 21 至 29 日透過「智方便+」建立「小一入學電子平台」帳戶,經電子平台遞交自行分配學位申請。

e-Platform Application: Parents can submit the application through the "iAM Smart+" platform by setting up a "Primary One Admission Electronic Platform" account from September 21 to 29, 2023.

交回申請表往學校時,家長 / 監護人(申請表上簽署人士)須攜帶下列文件: 

When returning the completed application form, the parent/guardian signing the application forms should bring along the following documents and their photocopies:

📚 明日小領袖體驗之旅 25/8/2023

8 月 23 至 25 日,我們為準小一學生舉行了一連三日的「明日小領袖體驗之旅」小一迎新活動。透過一系列結合校本核心價值的學科活動及小一體驗活動,讓學生逐步適應小一校園生活,及為新學年做好充分準備。

Leaders of Tomorrow Experience Journey

From August 23rd to 25th, we organised a three-day "Leaders of Tomorrow Experience Journey" as an orientation event for our incoming P1 students. Through a series of activities integrating our school's core values and P1 experiences, we aimed to help students gradually adapt to P1 campus life and thoroughly prepare them for the new academic year.

📚 參觀屏山天水圍圖書館 28/6/2023


Visit the Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Public Library

P1 students were divided into groups to visit the Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Public Library during the post-exam activity. With the guidance of the library director, the students were able to familiarise themselves with the facilities of the library and learn the proper etiquette when in a library. They also enjoyed a wonderful reading experience and together with their classmates, they explored the ocean of knowledge.

📚 參觀屏山文物徑 28/6/2023


Field trip to the Ping Shan Heritage Trail

As part of their post-exam activities, P2 students visited the Ping Shan Heritage Trail to learn about the sights of the community and understand the culture of walled villages in China.

The P2 students visited the Ping Shan Heritage Trail as part of a post-exam activity. They had the opportunity to explore the local community's attractions and learn about the culture related to walled villages.

🏰 參觀大館 24/6/2023


Visit to the Tai Kwun 

Students from P5 participated in a post-exam activity by visiting Tai Kwun . The purpose of the trip was to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the conservation of Hong Kong's historic architecture and to appreciate contemporary art exhibitions. The students not only gained a deeper understanding of these topics, but also had their horizons broadened by the experience.

💉  參觀香港醫學博物館 24/6/2023


Visit to the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences  

P4 students went on a field trip to the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences as part of a post-examination activity. This allowed them the opportunity to learn about the relevant developments in Hong Kong's public health and the management of infectious diseases.

🚀 參觀香港科學館 19/6/2023


Visit to the Hong Kong Science Museum 

Students from P3, P4, and P6 participated in a post-exam activity by visiting the Hong Kong Science Museum. They took part in guided tours and workshops, with the purpose of exploring the relationship between everyday objects and science, as well as enhancing their interest in scientific learning.

🏆 聯合國教科文組織香港協會英文辯論比賽季軍 12/6/2023


UNESCO Hong Kong Association English Debate Competition Third Place Winners

Congratulations to three students from Class 5E, ZHOU Alfred, WAN Pui Yee, and TSE Chi Lan, for achieving the third place in the UNESCO Hong Kong Association English Debate Competition.

🏙️ 親子閱讀戶外日營 24/5/2023


Parent-Child Outdoor Reading Day camp
On May 6th and May 20th, we collaborated with the Parent-Teacher Association to organize two Parent-Child Outdoor Reading Day Camps held at a leisure farm. During both camps, students and parents participated in a picture book workshop and an indigo dyeing workshop, allowing children to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of nature and culture through the process of reading and creating.

🏙️ 常識百科隊參觀美荷樓  24/5/2023


Knowledge Masters Team visited Mei Ho House
On May 18th, the students of our Knowledge Masters Team visited Mei Ho House, a place of historical significance, to gain a deeper understanding of the lives of Hong Kong citizens in the 1950s and 1960s. The students were highly engaged and enthusiastic during this educational excursion.

💃🏻 周年匯演-家長場  20/5/2023



Annual Variety Show - Parent Session
We would like to express our gratitude to the parents of KYS for attending our "Annual Variety Show  - Parent Session" held on the evening of May 19th. Together, we witnessed the fruits of our students' training.

The performance encompassed a diverse range of performances, including instrumental presentations, orchestral performances, senior and junior choirs, Chinese and Mandarin recitations, English recitations, flute ensemble, fencing team, ballet troupe, children's dance team, Chinese dance team, and an English musical. These captivating performances showcased the various talents of our students and the dedication they put into their endeavors, leaving us in awe of their confidence and abilities.

💃🏻 周年匯演-學生場  16/5/2023


在 5月19日舉行的「周年匯演-家長場」,會有英語音樂劇隊的特別演出,我們歡迎家長們一同來見證學生的成長和進步。

Annual Variety Show - Student Priority Session
On May 15th, we prepared the "Annual Variety Show - Student Session" for our students, with the aim to boost their self-confidence and team spirit, while showcasing their learning outcomes. Various activity groups participated in the performance that day, including the instrumental performance, the orchestra, the senior choir, the junior choir, Chinese recitation, Mandarin recitation, English recitation, the recorder team, the fencing team, the ballet team, the children's dance team, and the Chinese dance team. We are confident that this performance not only provided a chance for the students to display their talents but also an opportunity to experience the power of teamwork. Through mutual support and collaboration, they jointly created a wonderful performance.

At the "Annual Variety Show - Parent Session" to be held on May 19th, there will be a special performance by the English musical team. We warmly welcome parents to join us in witnessing the growth and progress of our students.

🏆 祝賀3位六年級學生榮獲「Snapshot 快拍攝影比賽」冠、亞、季三項殊榮  5/2023

恭喜本校 6B吳卓衡、6E林寅格、6E陳智誠同學榮獲由教育局公益少年團元朗區委員會主辦,「Snapshot 快拍攝影比賽」冠、亞、季三項殊榮,並出席5月8日委員會的周年頒獎典禮領獎。另外,本校亦獲得本學年的「慈善花卉義賣」積極參與獎。

Congratulating our students for winning the first, second, and third prizes in the "Snapshot Photography Competition
Our school is proud to announce that NG Cheuk Hang from 6B, LIN Yan Kak and CHAN Chi Shing from 6E have won the Champion, First Runner-up, and Second Runner-up respectively in the Snapshot Photography Competition organised by the Yuen Long Community Youth Club (CYC) under the Education Bureau. They attended the Committee's annual award ceremony on May 8th to accept their accolades. Additionally, our school was awarded the Active Participation Award in the 'Greening for the Chest: Charity Plant Sale' for this academic year.

🌷 感恩同行  5/2023

母親節是向母親表達愛意和感激的特別節日。今年,我們在5月12日的活動中,學生們親手製作了心意卡,並送上美麗的康乃馨花,以表達對媽媽的感謝和愛。這項活動體現了學校核心價值-關愛(Love & Care)的實踐。通過這樣的活動,學生們學會了如何表達感激之情,同時也深刻體會到關愛和感恩的重要性。我們相信這樣的體驗能夠啟發學生們在日後的生活中持續關注身邊的人,讓愛和關懷繼續綻放。

Gratitude in Action
Mother's Day is a special day to express love and gratitude to mothers. This year, during our activity on May 12, students made handmade cards and presented beautiful carnations to show their appreciation and love for their mothers. The activity embodies the school's core value of Love & Care in practice. Through this activity, students learn how to express gratitude and deeply appreciate the importance of caring and gratitude. We believe that this experience can inspire students to continue to care for those around them in their future lives and let love and care continue to flourish.

🏆 第七十五屆學校音樂節 (2023)  5/2023

第七十五屆學校音樂節 (2023) 已經結束,我們的學生在這次活動中共獲得1個金獎、32個銀獎和14個銅獎。在參賽者中,2E的黃懿絢、5E的胡卓琳和馮子涵在各自級別的鋼琴獨奏小組中都獲得了第三名。我們祝賀所有獲獎的學生。

75th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (2023)
The 75th School Music Festival (2023) has concluded, with our students achieving 1 gold award, 32 silver awards, and 14 bronze awards. Among them, WONG Yee Huen from 2E, WU Cheuk Lam and FENG Hans from 5E each secured third place in their respective Piano Solo categories. Congratulations to all the award-winning students.

📚 閲後創作──《我是小作家》小圖書設計比賽 5/2023


"Post-reading Creation" - "I am a Little Writer" Small Book Design Competition
The "I am a Little Writer" mini book design competition is designed to inspire students' passion for reading, enhance their language skills, and encourage innovative thinking. Students first read the assigned e-books, then either write a story or create an entirely new one, transforming it into a mini book. The award-winning works have been displayed on the exhibition board outside the library for teachers and students can appreciate the works of the little writers.

🌿 一年級常識科實地學習:天水圍公園之旅 5/2023


Primary 1 General Studies Field Trip: Visit to Tin Shui Wai Park
In early May, our General Studies teachers led the P1 students on a field trip to Tin Shui Wai Park. This activity provided students with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the park's facilities and appreciate the diversity of plants, thereby expanding their General Studies learning beyond the classroom and enriching their learning experiences.

🌠 太空館觀賞3D電影欣賞活動  5/2023

在5月5日的學科活動時段,我們的六年級學生前往香港太空館觀賞了3D球幕電影 —《星際航行者3D》。透過電影,學生們深入探索了不同星體的結構以及大自然的奧秘。電影放映結束後,學生們參觀了太空館的多個展覽,進一步擴展了他們的知識視野。

Visit Space Museum for 3D Film   
On May 5th, during the academic activity period, our P6 students visited the Hong Kong Space Museum to watch the 3D dome film — "Voyager: the Never-Ending Journey 3D". The movie allowed them to delve into the structures of various celestial bodies and the mysteries of nature. Following the screening, the students toured several exhibitions at the Space Museum, further expanding their horizons of knowledge.

🏆 祝賀2C陳銘濬同學獲得初小創意設計總冠軍及初小組創意設計盃  5/2023


Congratulating 2C CHAN Ming Chun won overall champion and in the primary school creative design category and the primary school creative design cup
Congratulations to our 2C student, CHAN Ming Chun , for participating in the "The 3rd One Student One Invention Innovative Design Contest" organised by CMA Choi Cheung Kok Secondary School. With his design, "Farmhouse Assistant," he won both the overall champion in the primary school creative design category and the primary school creative design cup.

🏆 祝賀6E何浩燃同學成為香港亞運圍棋代表  4/2023


Congratulating 6E HO Yin Yin on Becoming Hong Kong's Go Representative in Asian Games
Congratulations to our 6E student, HO Yin Yi, for earning the qualification to represent Hong Kong in the Go event at the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, starting on September 23, 2023. We look forward to He's outstanding performance in the competition, making Hong Kong proud!

🐣  復活節英語活動  4/2023

本校於4月28日舉辦了復活節英文活動,包括復活節寫作、繪畫及英語閱讀活動、英語急口令比賽 、復活節遊戲及手工創作等多項活動。這些活動旨在爲學生提供多元化的英語學習體驗,提高學生對英語學習的興趣,並增進對多元文化的了解。

Easter English Activities
On April 28th, our school held an Easter English activity, which included Easter writing, drawing, and reading activities, an English tongue twister competition, Easter games, and handicraft creation. These activities aimed to provide students with a diverse English learning experience, enhance their interest in English learning, and promote understanding of multiculturalism.

🏆 第 2 學段頒獎典禮順利舉行  4/2023


Second Term Award Ceremonies Successfully Held
On April 18th and 25th, our school held the second term award ceremonies for lower and upper grades, recognizing students who demonstrated outstanding performance or made progress in academic achievements or whole-person development. Approximately 353 parents attended the two ceremonies, with 156 parents watching the live video broadcast, sharing the joy of their children's awards. School board members and parent-teacher association representatives served as award-presenting guests, witnessing the students' achievements together with everyone.

📚 喜閱同樂日 4/2023

Joyful Reading Day  
The Joyful Reading Day  was successfully concluded on April 13th. The day's activities were very diverse, including reading books, watching theater performances, participating in reading events, taking the campus reading trail, engaging in drama activities, and designing picture books. The event aimed to promote a reading culture on campus, broaden students' reading horizons, cultivate their interest and literacy in reading, and connect learning through reading. It also aimed to develop students' abilities to understand themselves, plan for their personal growth, reflect on their experiences, and cultivate positive values and attitudes. 

🛣️  四至六年級教育營 3/2023

Educational camps for P4 to P6
The three-day educational camp for P4-P6 was successfully held from March 27th to 29th! The camp took place at different locations in Sai Kung, Sha Tin, and Cheung Chau, providing students with a variety of activities beyond the classroom. The event enhanced their self-awareness, self-management skills, and team spirit, enriching their learning experiences and contributing to their holistic development.

🌱  一至三年級戶外學習活動,啟動自然探索之旅 3/2023

Outdoor Learning Activities for P1 to P3: Embrace the Wonders of Nature
From March 27th to 29th, our school held outdoor learning activities for students in P1 to P3 at the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, as well as farms located in Yuen Long and Fanling. The activities aimed to enhance their self-awareness and provide opportunities to connect with nature while understanding the relationship between humans and the environment. In addition to learning about various plants and animals, students also had hands-on farming experiences. Let's explore the mysteries of nature together!

⛳️  香港高爾夫球總會亞洲巡迴賽導賞遊 3/2023

Hong Kong Golf Club Asia Tour Guided Tour
Our students participated in the Hong Kong Golf Club Asia Tour Guided Tour on March 23rd at the Hong Kong Golf Club located in Fanling. The coaches from the club led the students to understand the basic rules and skills of golf, allowing them to better understand and experience the sport. Additionally, the students had the opportunity to watch high-level matches and feel the excitement and intensity of the competition, broadening their horizons and knowledge.

🏃🏻  第 17 屆校運會 3/2023
我們在3月16日舉辦了第17屆校運會,感謝香港高爾夫球總會行政總裁賴以尊先生擔任主禮嘉賓及致訓辭。本次活動除了田徑比賽外,還有親子競技及接力賽。共有46個個人賽、6個親子賽、7個接力賽,讓1至6年級學生、家長及老師參與。啦啦隊比賽分為A至E班組別。今年首次設立「KYS 體育精神獎」,旨在培養學生核心價值和團隊精神。

The 17th School Sports Day
On March 16th, we held our 17th Annual Sports Day, with Mr. Danny LAI, CEO of the Hong Kong Golf Association, as the guest of honor and keynote speaker. The event included not only track and field competitions, but also various parent-child and relay races. A total of 46 individual races, 6 parent-child races, and 7 relay races were organized for students from  P1 to P6, parents, and teachers to participate in. Cheerleading contests were divided into Classes A to E. This year, we introduced the "KYS Sportsmanship Award" to cultivate students' core values and team spirit.

🏞️ 主題公園親子旅行 3/2023
學校與家長教師會合辦的主題公園親子旅行已於 3 月 11 日圓滿完成。當天共超過 500 名學生和家長參加,透過這次活動,成功增進了親子關係,加強了家校溝通。 

Theme Park Parent-child Trip Concludes Successfully
The theme Park Parent-child Trip, co-organized by the school and the Parent-Teacher Association, concluded successfully on March 11th, with over 500 students and parents participating. The event not only strengthened parent-child relationships but also enhanced communication between families and the school.

🛤️  校運會、戶外學習活動及教育營家長會 3/2023
隨著社會在疫後復常,本校亦開始陸續復辦各項走出課室的學習活動,以豐富學生的校園生活體驗。學校於 3 月 9 日舉行了家長會,向家長介紹在 3 月內所舉行的校運會、戶外學習活動及教育營安排。當天共約 260 位家長以現場或線上方式出席本家長會。

Sports Day, Outdoor Learning Activities, and Educational Camp Parent Meeting
As society returns to normalcy, our school have begun to resume various learning activities outside the classroom to enrich students' experiences. Our school held a parent meeting on March 9th, introducing the arrangements for the sports day, outdoor learning activities, and educational camp scheduled in March to the parents. A total of approximately 260 parents attended the meeting, either in person or online.

🌠  一至六年級課程統整週 2/2023

Curriculum Integration Week

From February 13th to February 17th, the school designed a week-long learning activity for students with the theme "Acquaintance with Well-Being". The activity aimed to provide students with opportunities to discuss "a better future" and cultivate their "qualities of the leaders of tomorrow". The classes during the Curriculum Integration Week followed the daily timetable and integrated various diversified learning activities into different subjects, including field trips, teamwork, and cultural experiences. The activities took students to visit places such as the Fire Station, Green in Yuen Long, Ping Shan Heritage Trail, and Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail. Through these activities, students not only enhanced their self-awareness and self-management abilities but also improved their teamwork spirit and enriched their learning experiences, in order to achieve the goal of holistic development.

💃🏻  校際舞蹈節兒童舞比賽 2/2023
本校兒童舞蹈隊於 2 月 14 日全港性比賽中獲得甲級獎,汲取了寶貴的比賽經驗。

School's Chinese Dance team Achieves Grade A Honor at 59th Schools Dance Festival(Children Dance)

Our school's Chinese dance team received the honor of Grade A in the 59th Schools Dance Festival on February 3rd. Their participation not only gained them valuable experience but also showcased their remarkable skills and artistry in the competition.

💃🏻  校際舞蹈節中國舞比賽 2/2023
本校中國舞隊於 2 月 3 日全港性比賽中獲得甲級獎,汲取了寶貴的比賽經驗。

School's Chinese Dance team Achieves Grade A Honor at 59th Schools Dance Festival(Chinese Dance)

Our school's Chinese dance team received the honor of Grade A in the 59th Schools Dance Festival on February 3rd. Their participation not only gained them valuable experience but also showcased their remarkable skills and artistry in the competition.

🚗 STEM 模擬賽車電競體驗日 1/2023

STEM Simulated Racing eSports Experience Day
On January 28th, our school's students attended the STEM Simulation Racing eSports Experience Day, hosted by Yuen Long Town Hall and the Shap Pat Heung Rural Residents Association. Through the STEM simulated racing experience, students were able to enhance their physical and mental well-being while broadening their horizons.

🏮  中華文化日 1/2023

Chinese Culture Day
Our school held a successful Chinese Culture Day on January 19th. Students were invited to wear traditional Chinese clothing and participate in various Lunar New Year activities, learning about Chinese culture and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

🏓 與福德學社小學進行乒乓球友誼賽 1/2023
1 月 14 日 本校與福德學社小學兩校的乒乓球隊進行了乒乓球友誼賽,互相切磋球技。雙方的球員均從這次比賽之中累積到寶貴的作賽經驗。

 Table Tennis Friendly Match with Fuk Tak Education Society Primary School
On January 14th, our school's table tennis team had a friendly match with Fuk Tak Education Society Primary School's team, learning from each other's skills. Players from both sides gained valuable experience during the competition.

🤺  第14屆保良局田家炳千禧小學劍擊邀請賽 1/2023

14th Po Leung Kuk Tin Ka Ping Millennium Primary School Fencing Invitational
On January 14th, 36 of our fencing team and class members participated in the 14th Po Leung Kuk Tin Ka Ping Millennium Primary School Fencing Invitational, gaining valuable competition experience and winning multiple awards.

🖥️ IT精英培訓班頒獎典禮 1/2023

IT Elite Training Program Award Ceremony
A total of 60 P6 students from our school participated in the IT Elite Training Program organised by the Shap Pat Heung Rural Committee Kung Yik She Secondary School. They learned 3D modeling, programming, and information technology application skills. All participating students successfully completed the courses and received certificates at the award ceremony held on January 14th.

💻 第一屆香港小學生網絡安全問答比賽成績優異 1/2023

Outstanding Performance in the 1st Hong Kong Primary School Cybersecurity Quiz Competition
Our school's 6 representatives participated in the 1st Hong Kong Primary School Cybersecurity Quiz Competition on January 14th at Cyberport, achieving second place. Throughout the competition, the students were enthusiastic and demonstrated exceptional teamwork, which is highly commendable and praiseworthy.

🎥 《胡桃夾子》舞蹈劇欣賞藝術之旅 12/2022

Art Appreciation through "The Nutcracker" Ballet Performance
On December 25th, our school's performance team attended the Hong Kong Ballet's "The Nutcracker" performance, allowing students to personally experience high-level dance and music, and gain invaluable insights.

🎄   聖誕聯歡活動慶祝節日 12/2022

Christmas Celebration Event at School
On December 18th, we held a Christmas celebration event at our school. Activities included a Christmas play performed by our foreign teaching staff, inter-class performances, and other festive activities. These events aimed to foster closer relationships among teachers and students, enhance unity, cultivate leadership and teamwork skills in students, and provide opportunities for them to learn from each other's performances.

🎅🏻  聖誕英語活動 12/2022

Christmas English Activities
To enhance students' interest in English and expose them to diverse cultures, our school held Christmas-themed English activities on December 18th. We designed a series of related learning games, offering a variety of English learning experiences for our students.

🗣️ 校內朗誦比賽 12/2022

School Recitation Contest
Our school held Cantonese, English, and Mandarin recitation contests on December 12th, 14th, and 15th, with professional judges invited. The competition aimed to improve students' recitation skills, cultural literacy, and accumulate valuable on-site experience.

🎊 小一百日活動回顧 12/2022

100 Days of Primary One: A Retrospective Event
On December 9th, the school held a "100 Days of Primary One" event for students and parents to look back on the first school term (about 100 days) since the summer orientation class. The event aimed to showcase the growth of students transitioning from kindergarten to primary school, and to teach them how to express their gratitude to their parents through actions.

💧  參觀水資源中心 12/2022

Visit to the Water Resources Centre
Our school's General Knowledge Team visited the Water Resources Centre on December 8th, learning about the history of Hong Kong's water supply, its sources, and water conservation methods in daily life.

🎂 各級學生生日會安排 11/2022

Student Birthday Party Schedule
Our school holds two birthday parties for students of all levels each year to promote a caring culture and increase students' sense of belonging. The first birthday party of this academic year has been successfully held, and the second one will be in May. The  P1-P2 is parties are on November 15th and May 23rd (Tuesdays); the P3-P4 grade parties are on November 29th and May 9th (Tuesdays); and the P5-P6 parties are on November 8th and May 2nd (Tuesdays).

🍀 戶外學習日 - 關注環保 11/2022

Outdoor Learning Day - Focusing on Environmental Protection
On November 3rd, our school held an Outdoor Learning Day with a focus on environmental protection. Students participated in various indoor and outdoor activities to raise their awareness of environmental conservation, while also strengthening relationships between teachers and students as well as among students themselves.

📻 《歷史文化學堂(第七屆)非遺零距離》電台演講活動 11/2022
本校戲劇隊同學成功參加了由香港中華文化發展聯合會主辦,優質教育基金贊助的電台演講活動。他們創作並演繹的《飛龍茶室保衛戰》,並在新城電台錄音,作品已播出。詳情及收聽請按連結: http://hkccda.org/2022/09/26/hist7-radio-time/

7th Intangible Cultural Heritage Radio Lecture Series
Our school's Chinese Drama Team participated in the 7th Intangible Cultural Heritage Radio Lecture Series, organized by the Hong Kong Chinese Culture Development Association and sponsored by the Quality Education Fund. Their self-created and performed piece, "Defense Battle of the Flying Dragon Tea House," was successfully recorded at Metro Radio and has been aired. For more details and to listen, please follow this link: http://hkccda.org/2022/09/26/hist7-radio-time/

🎉 英文科多元文化活動日 10/2022

English Department's Multicultural Activity Day
On October 31st, our school hosted the English Department's Multicultural Activity Day, aiming to enhance students' interest in learning English and to provide more opportunities for them to explore diverse cultures.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦   第一次家長日成功舉行 10/2022

Successful First Parent's Day Held
Our school successfully held the first Parent's Day of the academic year on October 23rd, aimed at strengthening the connection between parents and the school. This event allowed teachers to provide feedback on students' learning progress to parents before the midterm exams and exchange opinions on students' growth and development.

🎥  KYS 參與教育局語文教學支援組周年分享會 05/2022


KYS Participates in Language Learning Support Section of the Education Bureau Annual Sharing Session
Our school's principal and teachers were invited by the Language Learning Support Section of the Education Bureau to attend their annual sharing session. We shared our experiences in implementing language teaching policies and school-based curriculum reforms. The theme was "A Whole School Approach to Grooming Students into Future Leaders." Those interested can visit the HKedcity website to view the sharing content. Link