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District Nurse - Nicole Johnsrud RN BSN- 920-803-7287

Medical Director - Suzanne Herold M.D.

District School Nurse Office Hours-varies, please call or email for appointment and availability

Contact nurse at: email - or phone 920-803-7287

Superintendent Lisa Greene's Mitigation Plan Communication

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For Information on COVID 19 Updates and Resources, please click the COVID Communication link at the top of the page

For information on Medication Authorization forms and Action Plans, please click the Medication Authorization and Action Plan link at the top of the page or follow this link: Medication Authorization and Action Plan

WHEN SHOULD I KEEP MY CHILD HOME FROM SCHOOL? (common illness not related to COVID)

Knowing when to keep your child home can be difficult. The following guidelines may be helpful when making your decision.

Do not send your child to school if he/she has:

● An illness that may be contagious​ ​such as chicken pox, scabies, strep throat, or influenza.

● A fever​ of 100.4 or higher. Child should be without a fever for 24 hours before sending to school.

● Vomiting and/or Diarrhea​. If vomiting occurs, please keep your child home until he/she has not vomited more than twice in the last 24 hours and can keep food or liquids down. A child with diarrhea should always be kept home.

● Pain​ that is continuous (such as a headache, toothache, stomachache) that interferes or limits his/her ability to participate in class or activities.

● A rash​ you can’t explain. A rash may be the first sign of an illness. Please have your child assessed by a doctor before returning to school.

● Drainage or pus​ from a crusty sore (suggestive of impetigo or other infection).

● Doctor’s orders​ to stay out of school (an ongoing illness, fall or concussion, etc).

*Please note: If absent 3 days in a row or 10 days total for an illness, a doctor's note is required upon return to school. Contact the School District Nurse if a health condition is affecting attendance.

You may send your child to school if he/she:

● Has been taking antibiotics for infection for 24-48 hours.

● Is experiencing symptoms which are an expected part of his/her medical condition.

● Has minor bumps, bruises, scrapes, etc., that don’t require medical attention.

● Permission to attend school from his/her doctor.

*Please note​: ​Medication can only be given at school after the appropriate medication forms have been completed. The medication must be given to the nurse, labeled and in the original container.