Miitkad - Word Sword

MiitKad - Word Sword - a Minimalist Editor

This is a dead-simple editor, in the vein of DarkRoom and WriteRoom. I'd be very surprised if it is of interest to many people, but it is a fun little thing to play around with for me.

The tool is a Windows based (Visual Basic 6) editor that opens a big black box with green lettering. Ctrl-R for file reading dialog, Ctrl-W to write. Ctrl-P to print (using current font). Ctrl-Z to quit.

Ctrl-D switches to the Mandalorian font (of COURSE), Ctrl-A switches to the Aurek-Besh font, Ctrl-E goes to Engli-Besh (if these are installed) and Ctrl-N goes to "Normal" (Courier New).

I've added new fonts - mostly from ErikStormtrooper.com - and they are all included in the download. If you prefer to download the fonts separately, click here

The place to go for Star Wars fonts is http://www.erikstormtrooper.com! Erik has provided a tremendous resource! I've added a simple help with F1, and a command to call up a dictionary program (you need to set up a batch file; see the readme.txt file).

That is ALL it does. No search and replace, no Find. You've got plenty of ways to do that already I'd guess. (HOPE!).

Click here to download. Unzip and run the program wherever you please. No warranty and all that... use at your own risk.

FWIW, the name comes from Mandoa, miit == word, kad == sword. Mando'a language is from the Star Wars universe, as detailed in Karen Traviss's novels and is copyright protected.

The Mando'a Language Version, MrKlingon.org and the Universal Translator Assistant Project are in no way affiliated with Lucasfilms. Mando'a, and Star Wars in all its various forms, is a trademark of Lucasfilms. Mando'a-language resources presented here are for the edification and enjoyment of hobbyists, not for profit.