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The Mando'a language is (c) Lucasfilm 2006.

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Mando'a / Mandalorian: Language of Mandalore as defined in Karen Traviss's Hard Contact, Triple Zero, True Colors, Order 66, Imperial Commandos: the 50st, and "Republic Commando" game.


Works in Translation!

Tools: the MiitKad project: a minimalist text editor.

(miit kad, is Mando'a for "word sword")

This tool is a very simple means of the using the current extant vocabulary of Mando'a language from the Star Wars universe, as detailed in Karen Traviss's novels.

Mando'a, Mandalorian and all elements of Star Wars are copyright Lucasfilms.

You can download the C source and a compiled windows binary for a lookup tool running the above gadget here.

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