Frequently Asked Questions

Q: As a incoming freshmen, do we have to audition for placement in the Klein Oak Orchestras?

A: Yes, all auditions are by video so that we can place your child more appropriately as they enter Klein Oak High School. The video nature is to help accommodate the IB nature of this campus and the distance some families have to travel to schedule auditions in person.

Q: What if I believe there was a mistake in placement?

A: If you believe a mistake was made, and you haven't already auditioned, then you may schedule an audition with one of the orchestra directors to be held the week before school starts in August. This audition will consist of playing (2) 3 octave scales, student's choice, a solo of the student's choice. At that time if a placement correction is warranted the student and parent will be informed so that changes can be made before the first day of school.

Q: Can freshmen be placed in any of the other orchestras?

A: It is possible, however, the placement will not be changed until the end of the 1st semester. Usually placement considerations of this nature will not be considered unless the student places in region/area or achieves placement in one of the all state orchestras.

Q: Do I need to purchase a uniform to be in the orchestra?

A: The school district will provide a tuxedo and tie for the men, and a concert dress for the ladies. You are responsible for a clening fee (included in the activity fee), and for providing your own accessories. (Ladies: black, closed toe dress shoes, black hose or knee highs. Men: Black collared dress shirt, black dress shoes and black socks.)

Q: How much does it cost to belong to the orchestra?

A: There is a yearly activity fee for everyone of $155.25. This covers uniform maintenance and end of year cleaning, costs of putting on concerts and cost of additional clinicians, not covered by booster club. In addition, cellists, bassist, and harpists need to pay a $50.00 District Instrument use fee to help supplement maintenance costs on school instruments. Any additional costs are associated with socials, spring trip, awards banquet, entrance fees for region and solo & ensemble (if participating), and accompanist fee for solo & ensemble (if participating and needed for your solo).

Q: What are the costs associated with the Spring Trip and Banquet?

A: If the spring trip is in state the estimated cost has been around $800 for the last few years. This covers transportation, contest entry fees, attractions, hotel, and meals. For an out of state trip the cost can vary because of the nature of the airline industry, but have generally been between $1800 - $2500. The banquet has been $30 per person, which includes a formal meal, and a D.J. dance.

Q: When is the trip money due?

A: While some families do pay the entire amount up front, we do maintain a payment schedule that spreads the cost over the school year. Usually a deposit is due early in the planning process to secure transportation, air or ground. Trip details are passed out early in the school year.

Q: Will there be any fundraising opportunities?

A: Yes. There are generally two fundraisers during the year that the students can use to add to their ledgers to help pay fees or for activities. The third fundraiser is used to keep the cost of the banquet lower for orchestra students and parents and goes into our general fund.

Q: What musical activities will we participate in?

A: Several concerts will be given throughout the year, including a fall concert, winter concert, a pre-UIL concert, UIL performance, and our annual senior farewell concert. In addition each student will perform on one chamber music recital and at the Klein Solo & Ensemble contest. Other performance opportunities include: participation in our pit for musical (chamber students only), participation in our full orchestra (by audition), enrichment ensembles, and other performance opportunities may be scheduled as time permits.

Q: Are their any social activities?

A: Yes! The officers plan parties and activities throughout the year. Last year we had a fall social, winter social, and the banquet and dance. This year they are planning movie nights and other orchestra outings.