• SEPTEMBER 9-18 Student Team Sign-Up (Closed)
  • OCTOBER 2 Day of Design at KMPC
  • OCTOBER 18 BY 5 PM Team Projects Due
  • NOVEMBER 1 Finalists Announced
  • NOVEMBER 15 Project Pitch Day

An Earthquake with an 8.0 magnitude has hit our areA

It's your team's job to Design a medical pack that can be used to deliver refrigerated medications in times of disaster. The medical pack should:

1. Meet the needs of emergency responders.

2. Be able to be delivered to any location in the affected region.

3. Keep medications cold for the duration of the delivery without freezing them.

4. Hold as much medication as possible while not being too heavy to deliver.

5. Be sturdy enough to prevent the medication containers from being damaged during delivery.

Discover Your Challenge Scenario

Each grade level group is presented with a different challenge scenario in addition to the recorded 8.0 earthquake. Select your grade level group below to discover what challenge scenario is assigned to you.

This innovation challenge has been adapted from Jason Learning.

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