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Technology Guide

A simple reference for commonly encountered problems and their solutions.

So lets say you have a Power issue, or perhaps you are running into difficuties Charging your device. Maybe you have forgotten how to access one of your myriad of school Accounts... Perhaps failure to connect to WiFi is your current dilema... For the more discerning among you we have a short list of Tips and Best Practices as well as Workarounds and clever solutions for some very common issues. As well as a list of basic Keyboard Shortcuts for a quick productivity boost.

For those who do not have all the programs they need for a specific class, we have compiled a list Software and Links that you may utilize while attending this institution.

If you need to know what a particular Blink Code means to help you troubleshoot your device; we have them listed for the two major brands we support: Dell and HP. We have also included a limited technology Glossary of common terms that are used throughout this Guide.

Other resources/printouts you may find helpful:

Troubleshooting 101 gdoc

New Student Quick Start Brochure

Passwords Sheet PDF

Installing Microsoft Office365

Technology Handbook

Device Insurance Form

If you still cannot find the help you need, feel free to contact us:
Kingsland Technology Help Desk
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