CS Unplugged

Can you think like a computer? What would that mean? Why should you try? Computational thinking "requires understanding the capabilities of computers, formulating problems to be addressed by a computer, and designing algorithms that a computer can execute" (K12 CS Framework). In other words, we use it to solve problems.

Computational thinking is at the heart of computer science. One of the easiest and most engaging ways to introduce it is through unplugged activities. Here are some of my favorites to do with Tech-Girls and as the K-8 CS Coordinator at St. Anne's-Belfield School.

21st Century Skills

Problem Solving, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration

Learning Objectives

  • Explore foundational computer science concepts through hands-on activities

  • Practice computational thinking skills


  • This teaching kit is geared toward supporting anyone who wants to engage learners with computational thinking

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