Graph Paper Programming

This is a great activity to start thinking abstractly about what computers are doing with the code we put into them.



  • Hand out one Graph paper programming worksheet and pencil/pen to each student.

  • Ask the students to pick one image from page 1 and write out the code on page 2.

  • When a student is done, they can raise their hand and look for another student who is also raising their hand to indicate they are done.

  • That pair of students should trade code only and then “run” the code they receive on page 3.

  • Take a pause to check in with students: How did they do? Was there a bug? Did they figure out what happened and how to fix it?

  • After the first image, they can pick another and repeat the process.

  • If there is time, they can come up with their own patterns to challenge each other.

Things to discuss

  • An algorithm is a list of steps to solve a problem. What every day tasks to do you do using an algorithm?

  • Debugging is troubleshooting a problem with your program. What are some strategies you can use you debug your program?

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