Decision Making

A Comprehensive Functional Behavior Assessment using our High-Quality FBA process is a time and resource intensive intervention reserved for students who require the most individualized behavioral support. The When to FBA Flowchart below can be utilized to identify situations when a Comprehensive High-Quality FBA is necessary. As noted in the flowchart, universal behavior supports (Tier 1) and function-based problem-solving (Tier 2) should be implemented with fidelity prior to moving into a Comprehensive High-Quality FBA (Tier 3) in most instances. Bypassing this process and moving directly to a Comprehensive High-Quality FBA is appropriate if the student demonstrates a pattern of behavior that resulting in removals, reduced day, program changes, additional adult support, or use of emergency seclusion and/or restraint.

It should be noted that students who require a Comprehensive Functional Behavior Assessment and do not already have an IEP or 504 Plan, may need to be evaluated for Special Education and/or Section 504 eligibility in adherence to Child Find.