AT Lending Library FAQs

Q)  Who can borrow equipment from the AT Lending Library?

A)  Any educator in Kent County supporting students receiving special education services may use the equipment on a short-term basis (usually 60 days) to assist with the determination of effective solutions for that student(s).  Once this trial period has passed, educators may take the data gathered during the trial to support the purchase of solutions determined to be effective or use it to help determine the next steps for the student(s). 

Q)  Are there steps I should take, or things to consider, before I borrow an item from the AT Lending Library?

A)  Yes, gathering information about the student, the environments in which the student spends their time, and the tasks that are required for the student to be an active participant in the teaching/learning processes that lead to educational success are all important steps before choosing equipment to trial.  Please visit our Decision-Making page here for information about the SETT Framework, guiding questions, and considerations, as well as helpful forms.

Q) Can I pick out items in person that I'd like to trial from the AT Lending Library?

A)  Our library system is set up so that all items available to trial may be viewed through our online catalog.  Information about accessing the online catalog may be found here.  The catalog includes descriptions and pictures of each item, implementation suggestions, and more!  Unfortunately, due to ever-changing schedules, we are unable to accommodate walk-ins.  If you find that you have questions about equipment trials and/or implementation, please don't hesitate to set up an appointment with who would be happy to assist you.

Q)  How do I request to borrow AT equipment through the Kent ISD AT Lending Library?

A) Requesting equipment is a two-step process -- booking equipment through our online catalog and completing a loan request form.  Step-by-step instructions on how to complete both of these processes are available here.

Q)  I've completed Steps 1 & 2.  Can I come pick up my equipment?

A)  Please note that reviewing your request and getting the equipment ready will take some time (typically a few hours to one business day).  Please wait for an email from our team advising your request has been approved and providing pick up information.

Q)  My school/district has courier service through REMC.  Can my requested item(s) be sent to me via courier?

A)  Most items from our lending library can travel via the courier system.  Exceptions to this include very fragile items and highly valuable items.  For example, iPads are required to be picked up and returned in person.  The email you receive from us when your request has been approved will include an offer to send the item(s) to you via courier, where applicable.

Q)  If I use the courier system, will the courier bring the equipment directly to my school?

A)  Not necessarily.  Our courier service utilizes district courier drivers to get items to their final destination.  For example, our courier driver delivers any items going to Kentwood Public Schools to the district bus garage.  The Kentwood courier delivers items to each school/program from there.  Please note, depending on each district's internal courier schedule, it may take some time (several days to a week, or so) for you to receive your item via courier.

Q)  How long may I keep the equipment I borrow?

A)  Most lending library equipment is available for 60 day trial.  Some items with limited availability (kits, assessments, etc) may only be available for 30 days.

Q)  My item is due soon and my trial is not complete.  Am I able to keep the item longer?

A)  AT loan renewal is sometimes possible, but we require some data before approving a loan extension.  If you'd like to extend your loan, please complete an AT Loan Extension Request Form here.  Once submitted, we will review it and be in touch regarding your request.

Q)  Is there anything I need to do before returning an item to the AT Lending Library?

A)  Yes, we ask that you make sure all components of all items borrowed are clean, dry and accounted for (if there are multiple parts to the equipment, there will be a "Contents" list on the lid of the box).  All items should be returned in the box in which they were loaned.

Q)  How do I return an AT Lending Library item via courier?

A)  If your school/district has courier service, and the item is permitted to be transported by courier (no ipads, please!), you may use the courier system to return it to the lending library.  Tape a note advising "Return to Media Services at Kent ISD" to each item you'd like to return.  The item(s) should be placed in your school's courier tub*.  As advised above, for most districts, the item will travel with your district courier to the KISD courier drop point within your district before being transported by the KISD courier back to the library.  Please keep this transit period in mind, so that items are not returned late.

*School courier tubs can often be found in the staff lounge or mail room.  Please ask your school secretary for clarification if needed.

Q)  How do I return an item in person to the AT Lending Library?

A)  We are located inside the Kent ISD Educational Service Center at 2930 Knapp NE, Grand Rapids, 49525.  To reach us, drive to the south side of the ESC and enter Lots 9/10.  Drive through the staff lot (9) and park in the small lot (10).  Enter through Door A5.  During the school year, we are open Monday-Friday, 7:30-11:30 and 12:30-4:00.  Please contact Media Services at 616-365-2386 for summer hours.

Q)  Is there anything I need to do after I return an item to the AT Lending Library?

A)  Once your equipment has been checked in, you will receive an email from us asking you to complete a feedback survey regarding your experience and trial.  The information you provide helps us offer better recommendations about equipment for future users and also supports the time, effort and resources needed to maintain the lending library.  As a bonus, all feedback submissions are entered into a monthly drawing for a fun AT door prize! 

Q)  I have other questions.  Who should I contact?

A)  The AT Lending Library Media Specialists are always happy to assist you with any inquiries!  Feel free to email us at or, or call us at 616-365-2386.