Tiers of Support

Kent ISD Behavior Support Team

technical assistance

  • Most effective for staff who have a specific question or need guidance regarding a targeted process or procedure

  • Does not require observation

  • Typically involves providing step-by-step guidance

  • Kent ISD Behavior Coach may connect with staff via phone, email, virtual meeting, or in-person

  • District staff may be referred through the GSM process

  • Examples of Technical Assistance include professional development, PLC facilitation, FBA/PBSP Office Hours, resource recommendations, IEP support, FBA/PBSP Rubric Audit, etc.

  • If additional guidance is needed, the Coach will recommend more intensive support


  • Most effective for teams who are able to implement recommendations independently

  • Includes:

    1. Brief observation period

    2. Summary with recommendations provided to team in writing

    3. Could include team meeting to discuss recommendations

  • Examples include: consultation regarding FBA/PBSP, student engagement, student communication, safety planning, assessment and skill development, etc.

  • If additional guidance is needed, the Coach will recommend more intensive support


  • Most effective for teams who would benefit from assistance implementing recommendations in order to build local capacity

  • Goal development often linked to Kent ISD High-Quality Program Guides

  • Includes:

    1. Observation period

    2. Development of action plan and goals through coaching agreement

    3. Kent ISD Behavior Coach provides instruction, modeling, rehearsal & feedback related to coaching goals

    4. Baseline data collection, progress monitoring, and recommendation for future goals

    5. Post-coaching survey

  • Coach and/or Registered Behavior Technician regularly onsite regularly to assist with implementation

  • Requires Special Education Director approval for participation