Being a member of the Trinity Bands, teaches students structure and self-discipline as well as gives them a safe place to belong. We have several programs on campus for your children  to learn and grow. The mission of the Trinity Band program is to help our students to love playing their instrument, be successful, and create music for the rest of their lives. This will be accomplished through consistent evaluation and detailed teaching as well as communication with our main support of the Trinity Bands program.

“You should join band because it is satisfying to finish a piece of music!”

-Rahul G., 7th Grade, Saxophone


“Band gives you all sorts of opportunities that you can’t get without it!”

-Shruthi P., 7th Grade, Bassoon


“In band you can express yourself while learning about yourself, others, and the world.”

-Meghan L., 7th Grade, Euphonium

“You should join band because you get to spend time with friends while playing your instrument!” 

-Nestor R., 6th Grade, Saxophone

“Band is fun because it is like learning another language!” 

-Yulisa R., 6th Grade, Saxophone