Little Miami

Saturday Stream Snapshot

Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Program



Second Saturdays,
March - November


At a stream near you & the SSS lab at Polk Run Treatment Plant
9744 East Kemper Road
Loveland, OH 45140


Link to volunteer signups here:

Saturday Stream Snapshot is a citizen science, volunteer water monitoring program designed to identify nutrient issues polluting the Little Miami River.

SSS collects baseline water quality information once a month as part of Ohio EPA’s Credible Data Program. SSS data are used to inform regional municipalities and educate residents about water quality issues and what they can do to preserve, protect and improve water quality in the Lower Little Miami Watershed.

Get involved!  SSS is an easy, rewarding way to help the river we love.

SSS: What, Why and How

What is Saturday Stream Snapshot?

Why is Saturday Stream Snapshot important?

A project of the Izaak Walton League of Cincinnati, in collaboration with Cincinnati MSD (Metropolitan Sewer District), Clermont County Soil & Water Conservation District, and with funding from the Ohio Environmental Education Fund of the Ohio EPA.

Volunteers are needed to restart the award-winning Saturday Stream Snapshot and to help educate residents about ways we can preserve and protect the Lower Little Miami River.  

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Want to “get your feet wet”?
Collect water samples from streams in your community.

Sign Up Here for Your Saturday Volunteer Lab Spot on 3/9, 4/13, and 5/11!

Learn first-hand about water quality in and process samples in our high end citizen science lab. No advance training required!

Spread the Word

Find out how you can employ best management practices in your own home to reduce nutrient loadings, and help us educate area residents, too.

Welcome to the Saturday Stream Snapshot Collaboration Site. Feel free to browse the DOCUMENTS library and the RESOURCES section to learn about important information to help improve water quality in local communities. This site is being hosted by the Cincinnati Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America. Visit our WATER QUALITY MAP to see the data on the quality of our streams. If you have something to say to the entire Saturday Stream Snapshot community of volunteers simply post it on the ANNOUNCEMENTS page. Keep the entire Saturday Stream Snapshot program at your fingertips with the document and directory section and keep on schedule with the calendar page.

Get in touch with Saturday Stream Snapshot Program organizers TODAY! Use the CONTACT US page.