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2016/2017 School Year - Welcome Letter

Hello Students!

I hope you had a great summer and you are excited and enthusiastic about this school

year! There will be some changes this year with Technology. Starting this year, there will

be monthly iPad checks to make sure that everyone has the best functioning devices for

your schoolwork. If your iPad breaks, tell me about it and we will get it fixed for you. We

have a new repair system that only takes about 4 days to get it fixed. You will be issued

a loaner during the repair. You must have a case on your iPad at all times. This will be

strictly enforced. This is to save you money and the hassle of getting your iPad fixed. We

do have iPad cases for sale ($15) if you don’t have one.

The iPad that you are using is a tool for school first and foremost. While in school,

remember to use your iPad as such. Having an iPad is a privilege, not a right. VPN

usage, gaming, texting, streaming, and anything else that is distracting and inappropriate

during school are not allowed. There will be strict enforcement of this and no excuses

will be tolerated.

We have a new network setup and every device has to be enrolled into our MDM service

for you to connect to our network. Following this letter there the step-by- step instructions

for enrolling your iPad into our MDM service. This is required for you to use your device

in our building. The whole process only takes about 5 minutes. If you have any issues

with enrolling your device please contact the Technology Department.

If you ever need to get a hold of me you can check with your teacher and get a pass and

come to the technology office or submit the following form. I will try and be available for 15/20 minutes after school as well. You can also email me at

If you have any questions or concerns regarding technology, let me know! That’s what I

am here for! I look forward to get to know you and working with you over the next year!

Mr. Trease

Director of Technology