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You are just 10 simple steps to Cyber & Data Security

We work with you to protect your business, showing you how to understand and manage cyber risks in Non Technical Language

Do you fully understand threats you need to protect your business from?

Do you know it's not just an IT issue?

Do you know that just a few key steps can reduce your risks by up to 80%?

Do you really know who is protecting your business? Or are you assuming your IT Team have it covered? - Assumption can be a dangerous thing!

Outsourced? Have you evidence your IT suppliers are protecting you from your business cyber risks?

Most business managers believe that they have it covered, but understandably may not have the IT & cyber security knowledge to ask the right questions of their IT staff and suppliers to develop robust security

Let's help you to get your cyber security sorted and be sure that you understand "what is what" and can evidence your controls and protection

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Are you spending more on Coffee than on Cyber Security?

How vulnerable are you now?

My message for companies that think they haven’t been attacked is:

“You’re not looking hard enough”.

James Snook, deputy director in the office for cyber security, Government cabinet office, London - 2016

Who's protecting you? You, your IT supplier or nobody?

Don't assume that your IT support team is taking responsibility for your cyber security

Prioritise urgent actions

“One of the main cyber-risks is to think they don’t exist. The other is to try to treat all potential risks.

(Fix the basics, protect first what matters for your business and be ready to react properly to pertinent threats.

Think data, but also business services integrity, awareness, customer experience, compliance, and reputation).” - Stéphane Nappo

We will help you with a risk based approach relevant to your business

Protect your staff and clients

"Teams that say their cyber-security is really good are the ones to worry about.

After our breach, the most difficult issue was deciding when it was safe enough to come back online.

I learned that really smart engineers can talk English, under extreme pressure."

Dame Dido Harding, former CEO of TalkTalk, presenting on 4th June 2018

We will help you to correctly delegate responsibilities

Effect of a Data Breach

“The knock-on effect of a data breach can be devastating for a company. When customers start taking their business—and their money—elsewhere, that can be a real body blow.” – Christopher Graham

Let's work with you to help your team with practical workshops to ensure that you have all the knowledge you will need to protect your businesses in line with Cyber Security best practice.

We will guide you to workflows, checks, knowledge and policies that will protect your staff, clients and business' reputation.

How to move towards Cyber Security

We have programs to help that are specifically designed for non technical managers and staff members.

In fact you do not even have to be a smartphone user to be able to understand the fundamentals of cyber security.

We will put you in a position where you will:

  1. Understand "In Plain English" your current state of readiness. No technical knowledge required.
  2. Be able to prioritise implementation of the missing pieces.
  3. Be able to direct staff, IT teams and suppliers effectively.
  4. Have evidence of your controls and a business understanding of Cyber Security.
  5. Be able to train your staff and team members

How we work with you, to understand what your security gaps are and what you need to do.

We are totally flexible and can work with you at your convenience subject to availability.

  • We guarantee to be affordable no matter how large or small your operation, we have scale-able solutions with flexible delivery.
  • We work with you to provide a solution that give you the support you need with your team in person.

Cyber Security workshops and also online guidance for your team - Onsite or at your offices with director level subject matter experts and consultants.

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