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Japanese Language and Culture Program (Bekka Program)

Online Program Spring 2022

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KUIS offers this online program for students from its partner universities with the high motivation of learning the Japanese language and culture. Please take this opportunity to join this program and enjoy studying with students from all over the world!

Learning the Japanese language and culture while staying in your country is the main content of this program. Also, this program will offer various opportunities to interact with KUIS students online.

Students can take these online courses while attending their home university.


25 Jan, 2022 Nomination closed. Nominated students were informed of the application procedures.

26 Jan, 2022 Course outlines are now available.

Application Requirements

This program is only open to international students from our partner institutions.

  • Applicants must have completed at least 12 years of formal schooling. If not, applicants must be 18 years old or older at the start of the Japanese Language and Culture Program (Bekka Program) and have passed an examination which proves that applicants have attained the same or higher academic level as 12 years of formal schooling.

  • Applicants must be enrolled at their home university during this program (do not graduate before the program ends).

  • Applicants are expected to attend the registered courses throughout the semester. Make sure to sign up for courses that can be completed.

  • Applicants must fulfill the Japanese Language Requirements stated below.

  • Applicants must have the required environment for online learning (click here for details).

Japanese Language Requirement and Level Placement

Students are required to have at least the following Japanese proficiency and have to be currently learning Japanese (attending classes or self-study). No introductory courses (Level 1) for novice learners are available. Submission of the proof is not necessary but asked for if available.

  • JLPT N5 or higher

  • CEFR A1 or higher

  • Completed "Minna no Nihongo Elementary Japanese I" or "GENKI: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Vol. 1" or equivalent

Students will take comprehensive placement tests and will be placed in a class at the appropriate Japanese language level (Level 2: Beginner - Level 7: Advanced). Details on how to take the placement tests will be explained later.

Students without Japanese proficiency of at least Level 2 will not be able to participate in the program.


Required level at the start of the semester

Level 2: Completed half of the beginners level (Approx. JLPT N5)

Level 3: Completed the beginners level (Approx. JLPT N4)

Level 4: Completed half of the intermediate level (Approx. JLPT N3)

Level 5: Completed the intermediate level (Approx. JLPT N3-N2)

Level 6: Completed half of the advanced level (Approx. JLPT N2-N1)

Level 7: Completed the advanced level (Approx. JLPT N1)


Notes for students who joined this program in Fall 2021

  • You will NOT be automatically eligible to join this program in the 2022 spring semester. You have to be nominated by your home university and go through the application process again.

  • The contents will be mostly unchanged. If the result of the class placement places you on the same level as in the fall semester, taking the same course means studying the same contents. Therefore, it is strongly recommended NOT to sign up for the same course on the same level.

  • If you wish to go up to an upper level, in addition to participation in the program, you should study the grammar, vocabulary, and kanji by yourself.

Course Registration

The courses available vary depending on the class level. See "Course Lists and Time Table". There is no credit limit as long as students take courses of their allocated level. Students can also choose to take only one course.

Courses with very few sign-ups may not be held. If the number of sign-ups exceeds the capacity of the course, students who can take the course will be decided on the basis of a lottery (NOT on the first-come-first-served basis).

"Interaction in Japanese" is the core course. Although it is not necessary to sign up for it, students who intend to take the course will be prioritized.

Extracurricular Activities

Kaedemate Program will also be offered to all students.

Details and Application

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