GUMBO Yearbook

T.F. Riggs High School

Yearbook Information- 2021-2022

Advisor: Charis Blanchette-

T.F. Riggs High School- 605-773-7350

The 2021 yearbooks have not arrived yet. Please be patient!

Ordering Information

Order forms can be picked up in the front office, outside Mrs. Blanchette's room, or from a yearbook student! Forms may also be printed below!

2022 Yearbook are $55.00 until April 15, 2022. The price increases by $5.00 after that.

Order your 2022 yearbook now! Orders will be taken until (prices increase after April 15) May 27, 2022- It is extremely important that you preorder to ensure you have one. PLEASE PREORDER!


1) Complete the order form below. Attach cash or check payable to “Gumbo.”

A. Turn it in to Mrs. Blanchette in room #223 at Riggs.

B. Turn it in to the front office in Mrs. Blanchette’s mailbox.

C. Mail to:

Charis Blanchette- Riggs High School

1010 E. Broadway

Pierre, SD 57501

2) Visit our district website

  1. On the district homepage, choose Schools- T.F. Riggs- Yearbook- GUMBO. This will take you to the Gumbo’s website. Please see ordering and other information on the site.

3) Visit

  1. Under the “Yearbook” tab, select “buy your yearbook.” Use South Dakota & Riggs for your school search. Be sure to print your receipt. As soon as you order online, Mrs. Blanchette will receive confirmation, and your name will be added to the ordered list.



Click on 2022 Online Ordering


Print the order form to the left and follow the instructions for payment and submitting.


Senior Portraits

Has your student taken senior portraits yet?

- The sooner you start the process, the better! These DO NOT need to be professionally taken. Many seniors turn in portraits that are not professionally taken. I also have a few student photographers who are willing to take them for FREE!

Please email if you are interested in this option!

  • The senior portrait that you submit will be used for the following purposes:

1- the yearbook portrait class section 2- the Capital Journal Senior Spotlight edition 3- the graduation ceremony

It does NOT cost anything for your picture to be included in the yearbook or newspaper; however, each student MUST submit a senior portrait for the class section. If you do not submit a picture, your school picture will be used.

Layout Requirements:

  • Photos may be landscape (horizontal) OR portrait (vertical); student’s face must be seen (no helmets or masks); student can be standing, sitting, or lying down (doesn’t really matter); can be a head shot or a full-body shot; no weapons visible in pictures- bow and arrow, knives, swords, guns etc.; no beverages or other items; pets are acceptable; student must be the only figure in portrait- no partner or group photos. Just choose your favorite photo, and we can make it work! Thanks! Note: We gladly accept photos with weapons in the salutation section!

Deadline: Friday, April 29, 2022. The sooner the better!

How can senior portraits be submitted?

A. Senior portraits may be turned in to Mrs. Blanchette’s room (#223)- hard copy to be scanned

B. Senior portraits may be emailed (jpeg or png format) to


C. Your photographer may email the picture directly

Senior Salutations

Attention: Seniors & Parents: Would you like to submit a senior salutation for the yearbook? These are farewell messages to your senior, and they are printed the back of the yearbook. Salutations are $50.

  • A message you would like to give your senior. These messages can be submitted by grandparents or someone else as well. This message must be typed & 100 words or fewer. Some grammatical changes will be made, but please proofread this message. It will be printed as you have written it.

  • Each $50 salutation is the size of ¼ yearbook page. There are 4 options: 1, 2, 3 or 4 pictures total. Most people submit 1-2 senior pictures & 1-2 childhood pictures. You may purchase a 1/2 page for $100. (Example: sometimes twins use this option)

How can I submit materials for a salutation?

  • Hard copy materials need to be in an envelope & turned in to Mrs. Blanchette (rm #223) OR my mailbox in the front office. Photos sent need to be labeled on the back with your child’s first and last name. If you want pictures returned to you- please include a self- addressed, stamped envelope or you may pick up when we are finished with them.

  • You may also email everything to

NOTE: If emailing pictures, please DO NOT scan and send as a PDF file. All emailed pictures need to be in a jpeg or png format. If you need us to scan pictures, we can do that. I’d rather have several emails with attachments, rather than putting them on a PDF.

  • Deadline is Thursday, March 31, 2022. Although the deadline isn’t until March, yearbook student staff members will start working on these in December. We would like to get these taken care of as soon as possible!!!!

  • Contact me ASAP to reserve a spot. I will keep a spot open for you, but it is only fully reserved once the $50 fee is paid. If you’d like to pay the $50 and submit materials later, that is perfectly fine; it is what most parents do! Please pay cash or check made out to “Gumbo.” You may write one check for the salutation and the yearbook. See pricing info. on order form and website. -EXAMPLE BELOW

Seniors & Parents: Would you like to submit a senior salutation like the ones shown?

These are farewell messages to your senior, and they are printed the back of the yearbook. Salutations are $50.

For more information, click on the drop-down ARROW ABOVE!!!