Meet The Team

Counseling and Services Staff

Duane Teets, Lead Counselor & IB Counselor

Mr. Teets is the Lead Counselor and IB Counselor.

Areas of responsibility:

  • All Pre-IB and IB students

Contact Information

Phone: 512-570-1026

IB webpage

Nancy Byers, Counselor

Ms. Byers is the counselor for students with Last Names beginning with A - C.

Scholarship Counselor

Contact Information:

Phone: 512-570-1031

Christina Vandiver, Counselor

Ms. Vandiver is the counselor for students with the Last Names beginning with D - H

Contact Information:

Phone: 512-570-1029

Elizabeth Garcia, Counselor

Ms. Garcia is the counselor for students with the Last Names beginning with I - M

Contact Information:

Phone: 512-570-1030

Marsha Simmons, Counselor

Ms. Simmons is the counselor for students with last names beginning with N - Sk

Contact Information:

Phone: 512-570-1028

Heather Lyle, Counselor

Ms. Lyle is the counselor for: All ESL, foreign exchange, and students with last names beginning with Sl - Z

Contact Information:

Phone: 512-570-1013

Shandalyn Porter, Dean of Instruction

Ms. Porter is the Dean of Instruction and is responsible for PSAT and Advanced Placement (AP) courses & exams.

Contact Information:

Phone: 512-570-1080

Melissa Wood, Transition Coordinator

Mrs. Wood's primary job is to help students make the transition from middle school to high school and then from high school into whatever comes next for them - college or career. You will also see her any time you need assistance with Sub-Campus classes or ACC enrollment

Contact Information

Phone: 512-570-1057

Mrs. Wood's Web Page

Other Resources:

Claire Hernandez, LHS College Coach

Ms. Hernandez is located in room 1311 on Tuesdays and Thursdays to assist students who plan to go to a 4-year college or university directly after graduation from high school. Click here ==> to access the "LHS College Coach" website.

Angela Carey, LPC

Ms. Carey is the LHS Alcohol Drug and Prevention Team (ADAPT) Counselor.

Click here ==> to access the "LHS Alcohol Drug Awarness and Prevention Team" website.

Angela Hollingsworth,

Ms. Hollingsworth is the Family Services Team (FST) Social Worker.

Andrea Pena, Registrar

Ms. Pena is the registrar for all students at LHS. She maintains the transcripts and all student records.

Contact Information

Phone: 512-570-1015

Yolanda Arellano Registrar

Ms. Arellano is the PEIMS Specialist at LHS. She maintains attendance and student records.

Contact Information:

Phone: 512-570-1016