Important Dates

L5.05      Teacher Performance Appraisal


              vii)  Before the end of September in each school year, the Local President shall be provided with a list of all teachers from which a performance appraisal will be conducted. 


              viii) All Teacher Performance Appraisals shall be completed by June 1 of each school year.



L8.02      When a course or courses which result in a category change have been completed before June 30th of the current school year, and the Q.E.C.O. Evaluation Statement has been received by the Board by August 31st of the current school year, the salary adjustment shall be retroactive to September 1 of the current school year.  In no case shall this adjustment be protected beyond August 31st of the current school year.



v)           Long Term

                   The granting of long term leaves of absence, without pay, is at the discretion of the Board.


                   A long term leave is defined as a leave of one school year or greater.


                   Teachers on leave must indicate, in writing, by March 31, whether they intend to return to the employ of the Board or not.


Applications for long term leaves must be submitted on or before March 31st of the current school year.


L18.01    Pregnancy Leave

              The Board shall grant to a Teacher a pregnancy leave in accordance with Provincial regulations.


              a) Pregnancy leave means unpaid leave taken for the purpose related to giving birth.


              b) A Teacher must give the Board written notice at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of the pregnancy leave and provide a medical certificate indicating the expected date of birth.



No later than March 1st of each year, the Board shall publish a seniority listing of all Teachers in the bargaining unit.  A copy of this listing will be sent to the President of the Bargaining Unit.

Teachers who consider their position on the seniority list to be incorrect must report their disagreement in writing to the Director of Education or designate and President of the Local within fifteen (15) days of the posting of the list.  Following the fifteen (15) day period previously noted, the Director of Education or designate shall respond to all requests in writing within fifteen (15) days.  The list shall be deemed correct and will be used in the application of the Staffing Process provision.  Should there be any revisions to the list, a revised list will be published with a copy to the Local President.

L20.05    Part-Time Teachers

              a) Part-time Teachers, who request placement as full-time Teachers, shall become full-time Teachers beginning the ensuing school year subject to the other provisions of this section.  Any such requests must be received in writing by the Director of Education or designate, on or before March 31st for it to have affect for the following school year.


              b) Teachers teaching full-time may request to teach part-time effective the next school year, provided the Teacher makes the request in writing to the Director of Education, or designate, on or before March 31st.  Approval of requests is entirely at the discretion of the Director of Education or designate in consultation with the principal.  Approval of requests to go part-time from full-time will be for the next school year only, subject to annual review and re-approval.


L20.06    Transfers

              a)   Teachers may be transferred between schools within an attendance area at the discretion of the principal subject to the approval of the Director of Education, or designate. It is agreed and understood that to maintain school teaching and learning culture, such transfers will be kept to a minimum.


                   i)   A Teacher may request a transfer between schools or attendance areas through the submission of a Staffing Form submitted to Human Resources.  Such requests shall be submitted by March 31st.              


                   ii)  Transfer requests will remain in effect until October 31st.


L20.07    Surplus Procedure

h)           Teachers placed on the recall list, shall have their employment terminated in writing no later than May 31st to be effective August 31st, however, their names will remain on the recall list.  Teachers on the recall list who have accepted a part-time position will not have their employment terminated.


              i)   After transfers have been considered, new and open positions occurring prior to October 31st, will be filled through either:


                   i)   a transfer of a Teacher back who has, as part of the process, been assigned to another attendance area

                   ii)  or assignment of a Teacher who is on the recall list. The Teacher to be assigned must have the required qualifications and the greatest seniority.


              j)   Positions opening after October 31st, will be filled by Teachers on the recall list based on required qualifications and seniority provided the teacher has so indicated on the form (L20.07 c)


              k)  Teachers may remain on the system recall list for a period not to exceed three (3) school years.  Teachers who are not recalled to a position for three school years will have their employment terminated by August 31st of the third school year.  


              l)   For positions opening after April 1st for the present school year, the Board will employ occasional Teachers.  Should the occasional Teacher employed be a Teacher on the system recall list, the Teacher’s name will remain on the system recall list as appropriate.  Teachers employed as occasional Teachers will have their employment terminated no later than June 30th.  




L22.01    A Teacher with a full-time assignment who, prior to March 31st, requests a part-time leave commencing the following school year shall have the request granted where possible.


L22.02    A Teacher who requests and is granted a part-time leave for a specified period will return to full-time assignment at the end of the leave period, subject to the section L20.00 Staffing Process

L22.03    A Teacher may apply prior to March 31st for an extension of the Teacher’s part-time leave and such extension may be granted where possible.




              A Teacher may resign/retire effective December 31st or August 31st of any school year.  Notice of such resignation/retirement shall be submitted to the Director of Education, or designate, by October 31st, and April 30th respectively.  In order for a teacher to receive pension payments in July and August in the year he/she retires, the Board shall accept retirement letters dated June 30th.


              Resignations/retirements effective at other times during the school year may be submitted to the Director of Education, or designate to be considered by the Board on a mutual consent basis.  Such requests shall not be unreasonably denied. If denied, a letter shall be provided to the Teacher outlining the reasons.




L31.01    The Board shall pay a professional development allowance to the Union in the amount of twenty dollars ($20) per Teacher per year. The Board shall make this payment no later than November 30th of each school year. The basis for this allowance will be the number of full-time equivalent Teachers on staff as at October 31st.




L32.01    Each school or workplace shall have a School Staffing and Workload Committee.  The committee shall consist of the principal and/or vice-principal, the school steward, and a maximum of one (1) additional Teacher elected from each division of the school.


L32.02    The elected Teachers on the committee shall be in place from October 1st to September 30th.  If any elected Teachers resign from the committee or are transferred to another school, the staff of the school shall elect replacements.




L37.02    The Board will inform the Teachers of the submission date(s) for report cards by September 30th of each year. 




L46.01    Regular staff meetings shall be scheduled by the Principal in consultation with the teaching staff and upon consensus whenever possible.  Regularly scheduled staff meetings shall be held no more than once per month on average.  Each meeting shall be no more than 75 minutes in length.  The dates of the regular staff meetings shall be set within the first month of the school year and communicated to all teachers.  Regularly scheduled staff meetings may include administrative/organizational issues, professional development, training and other matters aligned with school and board goals. Teachers are expected to attend regularly scheduled staff meetings. Teachers may submit agenda items to the Principal for consideration.