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Our goal with this site is to provide resources beneficial to you and your current situation. We have created pages for both teachers and parents with articles, materials, tips, videos, and more. There is also a page for general COVID materials, that pertain to both teachers and parents. We hope this site will supply you with a multitude of resources to meet your needs. However, if there is something additional you need, please feel free to reach out to us. Under the "Contact Us" tab, you will find the JSD 117 school psychologists and their assigned schools. As always, we are here to help however we can - especially in this trying time.

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Action for Happiness's monthly theme is: Self-Care September. "Self-care isn't selfish, it's essential. No-one's perfect. But so often we compare our insides to other people's outsides. This month we're encouraging everyone to be kinder to themselves (as well as others), especially when things go wrong. Self-care increases our resilience and helps us get more out of life. It also helps us accept others as they are too."

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This month's events (visit website with above link)

  • 3 Sept: Sonja Lyubomirsky - Happiness Habits

  • 9 Sept: Nipun Mehta - Generous Happiness

  • 23 Sept: Dr Rupy Aujla - Food & Wellbeing

  • 29 Sept: Andy Puddicombe - Mindful Living