2024-2025 ASB executive Officers:

Your ASB Officers:

ASBC President: Julian Dalton

ASBC Vice President: Ashley Rain Anacleto

ASBC Secretary: Benny Manio

ASBC Treasurer: Faith Bobis

2024-2025 Class Officers:

Your c/o'25 Class Officers

Your c/o'26 Class Officers

Your c/o'27 Class Officers

Your C/O'28 CLass Officers

2024-2025 ASB/Class Commissioners:

Rally Commissioners

Dance Commissioners

Public RelationS Commissioners

Athletics Commissioners

Academic Council Representatives

Resource Commissioners

Assistant Student Activities Directors

Academic Support Commissioners

About ASB

ASB, or associated student body, consists of the whole student body, but ASBC is the associated student body congress, the group that represents the student body. ASBC is composed of elected members (the officers) as well as non-elected members (commissioners/representatives), all making three different groups: executive board, committees, and classes.  ASBC is led by the executive board with the consent of the entire ASBC.  It is democratic and needs two-thirds of ASBC present to make proposals, decisions, and any official business.

Here are our meeting minutes.