The Growth Mindset Toolkit

What is the growth mindset toolkit?

Growth Mindset--it's an education buzzword, but do you really know what all the hype is about? I set out to answer this very question, and now I have created this website to help you do the same! This website is a compilation of everything you need to know about Growth Mindset--what it is, why it's important, and how to get started. It features the latest and greatest research and resources designed to help you understand the value of a growth mindset [GMS] and how to utilize it as an educator, or parent. This toolkit provides educators with the tools and strategies necessary to easily implement GMS best practices into their classrooms. Parents are provided with tools that can support their child's journey to developing a positive GMS both at home, and in the classroom.

Do you have a growth mindset?

Before diving into what it means to have a growth mindset, take this quick survey to find out what type of mindset you have. By first evaluating your own mindset, you will then be better equipped to explore the resources provided.

What is "growth mindset"?

To get started, watch the video below. Then, read on for more information.

"Believe You Can...and You are Halfway There!"

-Theodore Roosevelt

How to Use this Website

First, explore the resources that will help you understand what it means to have a fixed or growth mindset. Mindsets are open to change. Next, take the survey. What is your mindset? You can start changing your mindset today. For the next step, use the tools tailored for you as an educator or parent. Please take a minute to read about my journey. You are encouraged to share your journeys, comments, and questions as a last step. I look forward to hearing from you. Remember, as Thomas Fuller said, "All things are difficult before they are easy."

About Me

I am entering my 21st year of teaching. I am currently a 2nd grade teacher at Stopher Elementary School. As a 2018-2019 CTEPS (Classroom Teachers Enacting Positive Solutions) particpant, I decided to delve into the topic of growth mindset. My research has brought me to this moment in time, sharing my work with you. I am a proud wife and mother of four beautiful and talented children. As a teacher and a mom, I have learned to be patient and step back from my role as a leader. The value in simply listening cannot be overrated. These days, I believe myself to be more of a partner in the learning journeys that happen all around me everyday. This experience has taught me the power in positive thinking. We can instill this power into our children. "Change your words...Change your mindset." I am blessed to have the opportunity to share my work with you and hope to hear from each and every one of you!