Wheat Ridge High School Choir


1. Chamber Chorale: The Jeffco Sing-In is this Thursday, October 11. Please turn in your permission forms and come to school at 8:30 in casually nice clothes and bring water and a sack lunch.

2. The Wheat Ridge Area Choral Festival is on October 25, 2018. Chamber Chorale, please be at the school at 4:45 wearing your uniform. Pizza will be served. Concert is free and begins at 7:00.

Upcoming Events

October 18: Jeffco Sing-In (Chamber Chorale Only)

October 25: Area Festival Choir Concert (Chamber Chorale Only)

October 30: All-County Sectional at 4:00 @ Lakewood

October 30: Tri-M Induction Night

November 6: Musical Auditions

November 7-8: Musical Choreography Auditions

November 10: Musical Callback Auditions

November 15-16: All-County Choir

November 19-23: Thanksgiving Break