Tenor/Bass Choir

Students who sing in the tenor/bass range and are generally freshman and students looking to try choir enroll in this course, and they do not have to audition. This is a great space for students to try singing and to begin forming basic vocal technique and music literacy skills in a safe environment. The choir performs at the four choir concerts throughout the year as well as at an adjudicated festival in April and district area tenor/bass choir festival.

Recordings and Practice Tracks:

  • Wherever Fortune Calls Me:

Tenor Wherever Fortune Calls Me

Tenor Wherever.mp3

Bass Wherever Fortune Calls Me

Bass Wherever.mp3
  • Dies Irae:

Tenor Dies Irae

Tenor Dies Irae.mp3

Bass Dies Irae

Bass Dies Irae.mp3

Remind Set-Up:

  • Text @ehag8 to 81010