ASD Center

Our ASD Center is split into two classrooms: taught by Ms. Amolsch and Ms. Jarka. These classrooms are divided by age and types of supports that our students benefit from. Though they are in separate rooms, we regularly bring all of our students in the center together for special events, which fosters a sense of continuity and camaraderie between classrooms. 

Having a center program means that we are able to provide our students with more individualized and intensive academic, social skills, and communication instruction. With our team of paras, teachers, and interventionists, we are able to focus on scaffolding our students' learning, ensuring that they are successful in accessing the general education curriculum and engaging with peers throughout the building. 

Some of the key components of the center program include the structure of the environment, having clear behavioral and learning expectations, visual and individualized schedules, visual supports to help with academic and behavioral skills, and a focus on teaching and modeling appropriate social skills. 


Visuals are our best friends here in the ASD Center! We have visuals such as first/then boards, token boards, visual schedules, and social stories!