Welcome to 4th and 5th Grade!

We've had a great year of learning. Enjoy summer break!

We Will Rock You Parson 2023

4th Grade Music Class

We will rock you!

5th Grade Science Investigation: Does air have weight?

Cookie Mining!

Learning about economics.

Practice math skills.

Having fun all at the same time.

December Field Trip

History Colorado Center

Both 4th and 5th grade has a wonderful time learning about Colorado's history.  Students did an amazing job showing HERO behavior and fun was had by all!





Building Colorado

Building Colorado is a program put on by the Golden History Museum.

In-School Field Trip

We worked together in groups to learn about economics and build our cities.


We had to make tough decisions and weigh the incentives and opportunity costs.

Colorado Map

We were lucky enough to have the GIANT Colorado Map at school this week.

Colorado Map

We learned about Colorado's geography, practiced our geography skills, and learned about how our population has changed over time.

Fun is all around when you win a Fun Run challenge!

We've loved having Rockin B at school!

He let's us do the craziest things!

Example of craziness!

Being a geographer means using maps to describe a place.

We practiced our skills by creating a map of Colorado.

We used salt dough to show the three major regions in Colorado.

We also researched and labeled major rivers, mountain ranges, and our capital city.

Fire Truck Tour

Fire Safety Lesson

Thank you Arvada Fire Department!

4/5 Community

We have been busy this week getting to know one another and building a community amognst our 4th and 5th graders.

Colt of the Hill

Bryanna was our 5th grade rock, paper, scissors champion.

Alex was our 5th grade rock, paper, scissors champion.

Alex threw rock to win it all and become the TOP Colt of the Hill!