Remote Learning Tech Help

Status of Core Tools

Campus - Operating Normally

Google Classroom - Operating Normally

Google Drive - Operating Normally

Schoology - Operating Normally.

Zoom - Operating Normally


Known Issue - Chromebook Power/Charging Issues

If your Chromebook's power light is on but the screen remains black, you will need to reset your device. This is a known issue related to the most recent Chrome update. It seems Lenovo Chromebooks are getting stuck in sleep mode (something many of us can relate to). Until this issue is resolved with the next update, you will need to reset the device to "wake it up" if it gets stuck in sleep mode. It also helps to shut down or power off your device completely at the end of the day instead of closing the lid to put it in sleep mode.

Alternately, some Chromebooks seem to lose battery charge quickly or don't seem to charge, even though multiple chargers are tried. All of these battery-related issues seem to be connected to problems with the Chrome update and can often be fixed by resetting the device.

Follow these instructions carefully to reset your Chromebook if you experience this issue. If that doesn't resolve your issue, please have your student bring the Chromebook to the library or call the school at 303-982-5600 to arrange a drop-off. A loaner device will be provided if we can't quickly fix the device.

Problems Connecting to Zoom?

Teachers post their Zoom links & passcodes in their Schoology or Google Classroom courses. If you have problems joining a session, please clear your Site Settings & Cache & restart your device (in that order).

Step 1 - Make sure you’re using Google Chrome & follow these instructions to clear your cache.

Step 2 - Restart your device (or turn it all the way off & then back on). If that didn’t work call the school (303-982-5600) for additional troubleshooting guidance. If you still can't connect, call the school at 303-982-5600 and ask for the library. It’s much easier to troubleshoot over the phone than via email, so please call versus emailing Mrs. Jonson.

Instructions for Signing into Zoom via Clever

Three Steps for Troubleshooting Many Device Problems

Step 1 - Clear Cookies & Cache. It's amazing how many times this fixes all sorts of problems. Use the 3 dots in Chrome & choose History (CTRL + H is the shortcut; CMD + Y on a Mac). Select Clear Browsing Data. Select Advanced Tab. Change the Time Range to "All Time". Select all available boxes except saved passwords and Clear Data.

Step 2 - Completely power down your device (push and hold the power button (on the side of newer Chromebooks) for 30+ seconds (not just until the screen turns black). Wait 30 more seconds. Power the device back on.

Step 3 - Clean up Extensions, & Search Engines . Extensions are one of the most common causes of Chromebook issues (especially Grammarly). Toggle off or delete any extensions you are not using.

Chrome Troubleshooting Video.

Specific Issues

tech help asap!

Still having trouble? Get in touch right away.

    • Option #1 - Call Ralston Valley at 303-982-5600. It’s much easier to troubleshoot tech issues on the phone versus email, so please call. Based on the issue you describe, you will be connected to someone who can help troubleshoot the problem with you.

    • Option #2 - Call the Jeffco Family Technical Support Line at 303-982-3438 between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Jeffco IT staff can not reset passwords. They will also do their best to remotely resolve other technical issues

PRO TIP - Register with the Password Reset Tool so you can unlock your account & change your password on your own if you need to.

How-To Help for Remote Learning Tools

Device Repairs

  • If your school-issued device is broken (ex: cracked screen, no sound), please bring the computer to the library on your next in-person day. If you are a 100% remote student, please email Mr. Sutton ( to arrange device drop-off and repair.

  • You will be issued a loaner device to use while your device is being repaired.