Mrs. Popejoy

Mrs. Popejoy

Physical Education



Voicemail: 303-982-9664

To access Classroom, go to . The username is your student ID number at (e.g. and the password is your Jeffco password.

After-school sports are offered through the Middle School Sports Program, in partnership with Evergreen Park & Recreation District. Practices and/or games against other schools are twice a week. The fee per sport is $110 and registration is available online. Programs include:

  • basketball (January-March),
  • cross country (August-October),
  • flag football (August-October),
  • kickball (March-May),
  • track and field (March-May), and
  • volleyball (October-December).

Game calendars are available on the Team Sideline website.

*FITNESS TESTING- The students will be given the Fitnessgram 3 times each trimester. This test measures their ability to complete the Pacer (an endurance run), push-ups, sit-ups, sit n reach and curl ups (abdominal strength).