Bradford MS Band & Chatfield Area Elementary School Bands

Bradford MS 6-8 Band

Bradford, Coronado, Mortensen, Shaffer,

Stony Creek, and Ute Meadows Elementary Schools

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Mrs. Katrina Cavaliere

Band Teacher


(The best way to get in touch with Mrs. Cavaliere is through email)

The Chatfield elementary area bands will use the following method book for the 2021-2022 school year:

Tradition of Excellence band book 1 by Bruce Pearson (this is a change from previous years)

Students will also need to purchase a folding wire music stand to be used in class and at concerts (as well as home practice).

All wind players (any instrument that you play by blowing air through it) will need bell covers. Please check with a local music store or online. Flutes can order flute shields through instead of using a mask and bell cover (it will make playing easier).

ALL band students must have a bell cover due to COVID guidelines per Jeffco Schools!

Important Dates

Elementary Band Concerts 2021-2022

December 2nd - Area Band Concert (elementary, MS, and HS) 7:00 Deer Creek

April 28th - Elementary Band Concert - 7:00 Falcon Bluffs

***information regarding rehearsing before the concert will be shared at least one month prior to the concerts

Bradford MS Band Concerts 2021-2022

November 11 - 6:30 Bradford Gym (report time 6:10)

December 2 - 7:00 Deer Creek (probably just 7th and 8th graders - there will also be a rehearsal - time and date TBA)

February 24th - 6:30 Bradford Gym (report time 6:10)

May 19th - 6:30 Bradford Gym (report time 6:10)