1:1 Chromebook Initiative

@Lakewood High School

TechForEd Distict Plan

Vision: Create an equitable and sustainable model for technology-enabled classrooms that prepare students to thrive in a connected, digital world in alignment with the Jeffco Generations strategic plan

As part of Jeffco's TechforEd Initiative, all students in 9th grade will receive a Chromebook to use for educational purposes during their 4 years at LHS. Families will pay an annual $50 fee which covers the device, a protective case, staff support, tech support, digital learning tools, teacher professional learning, internet filtering, bandwidth, and community resources.

  • Incoming 9th grade students will be picking up their new Chromebooks when they come for Freshmen Check-in on August 5th. If you are unable to come in that day, 9th graders may receive their Chromebook on their first day of school, August 17th. ALL STUDENTS MUST GET A CHROMEBOOK- NO OPT-OUT!

  • When you get your Chromebook home, please follow THESE STEPS to get it ready for school use!