MPA Homeschool Enrichment Programs

K - 8 tuition free; Tours available by appointment throughout the year

Phone: 303-972-2627 x500 or email

Main Office: 303-972-2627


The MPA Homeschool Programs are all-day programs. We apply Montessori philosophy and a project approach to provide students with a rich and experiential learning environment. Basic Montessori and STEAM materials are introduced and used to foster deeper understanding, encourage student individuality, creativity, and socialization while developing critical thinking and a love of learning. We accept students with different learning capabilities but we do not service IEP’s as we are an enrichment program.

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MPA Homeschool Mission

It is the mission of the Montessori Peaks Academy Homeschool Programs to share a Montessori approach with homeschooled students and their families; activate curiosity; foster communication and critical thinking; offer experiences that are difficult to provide at home; and encourage social, emotional and academic development by supporting for the growth of the whole child.

MPA Homeschool Vision

It is the vision of the MPA HS Programs to honor the homeschooled child and share in their growth and learning using an inquiry based approach to the Montessori philosophy.

3rd-5th grade: independent work time

Observation during our daily nature walk

A moment of peace in the Pollinator Garden

K-2nd grade: independent work time

Recent Love Letter~

I wanted to let you know (again) how much my family appreciates our son's fabulous teachers and your great program. He came home and told us that his teachers were really happy he came and stayed all day with a big smile on his face. I tell them lots how we adore them but I wanted to make sure you know that your program is really loving and wonderful. We are so happy to be part of it. ~ Primary HS Options Parent