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Second Choice applications are open for the 20-21 school year, through the end of August, 2020.

Virtual tours are available by appointment.

We are happy to share our program information all year long.

phone: 303-972-2627 x500 or email jbetlach@jeffcoschools.us

This page has lots of information, please scroll down for current updates,

some shared resources, and more!

Immediate Notices-

HS Student Pictures are Friday, Oct. 9- Friday students are at 9:15 with Ms. Cherie. Please send the completed form with you if you would like to purchase pictures.

  • Tues. and Wed. students are at 1:00. Please do a health check and bring the form.

  • Meet Ms. Cherie at the East door behind the gym. She will take the student to get their pictures and bring them right back to you.

  • Please have the picture form completed if you would like to purchase pictures.

Dewey's Dash- It's time for some fun in the Fall again! Dewey's Dash fundraiser is our only big one for the year. The money folders have already been sent home. Homeschoolers are welcome and invited to participate.

  • The VIRTUAL run is your choice for day and time from October 15- 18. More information about it will be out by then. The money folders are due back October 20, 21 and 23. The week after the HS Fall Break week.

MPA Library Books- The students are using the library catalogue online to check out books. We are so happy to have a way to do this. Please feel free to ask them about it! Books have a 2 week checkout time unless they get renewed. We are assisting them with this process as well.

HS Fall Break- The week of October 12-16 there are no Homeschool Programs.

Remote to In-Person- The week of October 19, is the first switch of the year. If you have been remote and are going to switch to in-person the date is October 20, for Tuesday Options students, and October 21, for Wednesday Options students. Ms. Jana will be in contact with each of you individually.

August Welcome Back email This email was sent to all parents on August 14, 2020.

This email covers

  1. Registration

  2. MPA Town Hall (Wed., 7:00, Aug. 19)

  3. Welcome Back HS Families Zoom (Thu., 6:00, Aug. 20)

  4. Montessori Peaks Academy Restart Plan August 2020 v.1

  5. What is each class studying for the semester?

  6. Meet and Greets: In-person or Zoom Aug. 19 and 21

  7. HS Program Remote Start Information

  8. School Supplies

  9. Family Calendar

Ms. Jana BetlachHomeschool Director

Ms. Jana Betlach

Homeschool Program Director

Welcome to the MPA HS Programs!

Welcome to Montessori Peaks Academy Homeschool Programs! Things look a little different around here lately but we are dedicated to providing a valuable and worthy experience whether it be remote or in-person.

We continue to offer a one day a week, enrichment program for Kindergarten through 8th graders, through two different programs. Our intent is to assist the unique needs of our homeschool community with wonderful children's enrichment.

Our Options Programs are on Tuesdays K-2, and Wednesdays 3-5th and 6-8th graders .

The Friday Connections Program is for 1st-6th graders. Detailed descriptions are below.

Every school day is from 8:30-3:30. All students receive music, art, physical education, and library orders to check out books. In the future our after school programming may return with our variety of classes.

Basic Program Information Q and A's:

  • Is there a fee to attend? Yes, there is a $75 one time material fee due at the beginning of each year. If we do not attend in person some or all of this fee can be refunded

  • Can I be dual enrolled in other programs? You can only be enrolled in 1 publicly funded program at a time.

  • Can you be enrolled in an umbrella school as well? Yes, as long as it is a private school.

  • Does MPA help with state testing? We can offer state testing through 6th grade, please just notify the Director if you want to participate in the testing, there is no charge.

  • Are there parent volunteer hours? No, we do not require any volunteer hours for our HS program parents.

  • Does MPA provide academic curriculum? No, at this time we are purely an enrichment program.

  • Do families still have to submit a letter of intent to the district? Yes, you should notify the district of your choosing that you are homeschooling.

  • Do you have to be in the Jeffco District to attend? No, you can be in any district as long as there is space in the program.

  • Can a family attend both the Options and the Connections program? So sorry, but no. It's one or the other, Options or Connections.

MPA Homeschool Mission

It is the mission of the Montessori Peaks Academy Homeschool Programs to share a Montessori philosophy enriched and prepared environment with homeschooled students and their families. To activate the curiosity of learning and foster group and peer to peer communication and deep thinking skills. To offer experiences that are more difficult to provide in a home environment, while encouraging social, emotional and academic support for the growth of the whole child.

MPA Homeschool Vision

It is the vision of the MPA HS Programs to honor the homeschooled child and share in their growth and learning using an inquiry based approach to the Montessori philosophy.

Sharing Online Learning Resources-

There are some extra fun online opportunities right now. I will be adding to this list as I find free sites.

Time for Kids is free right now! https://www.timeforkids.com/teaching-materials-1/

DanceMat Typing https://www.dancemattypingguide.com/dance-mat-typing-level-1/

Vooks.com- $ Read books aloud online, they are also waiving fees and opening up availabilities.

Yousician.com- $ An app for music lessons, free to sign up as a music teacher.

http://stories.audible.com/start-listen- Listen to audio books

Bee The Scientist- https://www.facebook.com/beethescientist/ Facebook page

Options Description

Students from K-8th grade attend one day a week from 8:30-3:30. The Options Program offers multi-aged grouping in a Montessori environment. Tuesday is K-2nd grade, max of 20 students with 2 instructors. Wednesday has 2 classes; 6-8th grade and 3-5th grade. Both have smaller class sizes. The days consist of a Dalcroze Music class with our own Ms. Lori Forden, along with art lessons and physical education time. Nature walks and nature explorations are enjoyed each week when the weather permits. Options students in the lower grades study themed units encompassing each academic subject. We strive to help students activate their previous knowledge and build with our presented units. We implement activities that are difficult to administer at home providing a school-like comfortable learning environment.

Our 3rd grade+ students participate in 1/2 a day of project based learning; choosing a project, developing a plan of action, budget, proposals, and at the end of the semester, completion. The rest of the day is filled with art classes, nature exploration, Montessori materials and more.

In our programs all children are respected as individual young people and invited to explore their learning styles and preferences. We work with our students with a constructivist exploratory form encompassing the Montessori philosophy of learning.

Connections Description

Students from 1st-6th grade, attend on Fridays each week. They receive supplemental Montessori lessons on a themed unit of study, music class, art and PE along with library time. The day is from 8:30-3:30, including recess/outdoor organized gross motor skills.

Connections students enjoy a one day a week school enrichment program to be social, explore learning in a group environment and having a community of similar students. We encourage individuality and recognize the value of their homeschooled education. We encourage learning exploration with in a themed unit.

School Behavior

Each Enrichment Program encourages a Growth Mindset way of thinking, participating in class and with peers. Our behavioral expectations for all people at MPA fall under our school 5 Pillars of behavior; I will show.... 1) Kindness 2) Integrity 3) Respect 4) Effort 5) Safety

Homeschool Programs Staff

  • Jana Betlach: HS Program Director/ MPA Communications Coordinator


303-972-2627 x 500

  • Cherie Day: Primary Options and Lower Elementary Connections Guide


303-972-2627 x 501

  • MelissĂ© Segesman: Primary and Secondary Options Guide


303-972-2627 x501

  • Lori Forden: HS Music teacher/ Secondary Options Lead


The HS Primary (K-2nd) students on a sunny walk to get the wiggles out>

Connections Lower El. (1-3 grade) students nature journaling.

Mr. Tyler is our MPA music guide and works with our Connections HS students each week. (Music will look a little different this year, but will be had by all)

School mascot Dewey running in Dewey's Dash in October, '19. MPA raised $45,500 for our annual school fundraiser.

Recent Love Letter~

I wanted to let you know (again) how much my family appreciates our son's fabulous teachers and your great program. He came home and told us that his teachers were really happy he came and stayed all day with a big smile on his face. I tell them lots how we adore them but I wanted to make sure you know that your program is really loving and wonderful. We are so happy to be part of it. ~ Primary HS Options Parent