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Registration is now closed for the 18-19 school year.

Please contact Jana Betlach for questions or a tour for next year.

phone: 303-972-2627 x500 or email jbetlach@jeffcoschools.us


Homeschool Families from the 2018-2019 school year,

I want to extend a very sincere thank you for this past year. For our guides and students it was one of our best years yet. We laughed, we learned and enjoyed each day with your children. Thank you for sharing them with us from the bottom of all of our hearts. They had a fantastic time!

To finish up any business, please make sure your child is registered through enrolljeffco.org and you all should have a Jeffco Connect account. Also, attached is the school calendar, a few things will be added as we learn dates. You will be receiving an email from the MPA main office in July about registration information. The homeschool back to school picnic is set for August 19, 2019. First day of HS Options Program is on August 20, 2019. We still have a little space if anyone you know is interested please send them my way.

Here is a small snippet for next year’s plans. We plan on studying dinosaurs and the time periods when they existed, discover some bones, maybe a field trip to explore what used to be Colorado all during the first semester of school. The second semester we will study the solar system and where we fit in the universe.

Exciting news! The Options 3-5 group opened up on Wednesdays. So we finally expanded. I love it when a good thing keeps going. The day will be a little bit project based and offer a specific class or two, including art and music. It will be so fun to grow with this group!

Have a beautiful summer, if the warm weather ever comes! See you all in August, as much as we will miss you all, it’s right around the corner that we will be back together. Thanks for another fantastic year!

Much Gratitude,

Ms. Jana Betlach


Ms. Jana BetlachHomeschool Director/Volunteer Coordinator

Welcome to the MPA HS Programs!

Welcome to Montessori Peaks Academy Homeschool Programs. We have one day a week enrichment programs for Kindergarten through 8th graders. We offer two different programs to fit the unique needs of our homeschool community. Our Options Programs are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for K-8th graders. The Friday Connections Program is for 1st-6th graders. Detailed descriptions are below. The school day is from 8:30-3:30. All students receive music, art, physical education, and library time to check out books. We also have a myriad of after school activities that are available to all students.

MPA offers two different programs to our homeschooling community,

the Options Program for K-8th, Tuesday or Wednesday


Connections Program 1st- 6th grades, Friday

Options Description

Students from K-8th grade attend one day a week from 8:30-3:30 in the afternoon. The Options Program offers multi- aged grouping in a Montessori environment. The day consists of Dalcroze style Music class, along with art lessons and physical education time. Nature walks and nature observations are enjoyed each week when the weather permits. Options students study themed units encompassing each academic subject. We strive to help students activate their previous knowledge and build with our presented units. Our students are respected as individual young people and invited to explore their learning styles and preferences.

Connections Description

Students from 1st-6th grade, attend on Fridays each week. They receive supplemental Montessori lessons on a themed unit of study, music class, art and PE along with library time. The day is from 8:30-3:30, including recess/outdoor organized gross motor skills. Connections students enjoy a one day a week school enrichment program to be social, explore learning in a group environment and having a community of similar students. We encourage individuality and recognize the value of their homeschooled education.

Homeschool Tour Information

We would love to show you our classrooms and tell you a little bit about the fun and learning we do each week!

Homeschool Tours- Made by apt. for individual families Monday through Thursday.

Please contact- Jana Betlach

303-972-2627 x500


Homeschool Programs Staff

  • Jana Betlach: HS Program Director/ MPA Communications Coordinator


303-972-2627 x 500

  • Cherie Day: Primary Options and Lower Elementary Connections Guide


303-972-2627 x 501

  • Melissé Segesman: Primary and Secondary Options Guide


303-972-2627 x501

  • Lori Forden: HS Music teacher/ Secondary Options Lead


The HS Primary (K-2nd) students on a sunny walk to get the wiggles out>

Connections Lower El. (1-3 grade) students nature journaling.

Mr. Tyler is our MPA music guide and works with our Connections HS students each week.

Ms. Cherie walking with her class for Dewey's Dash in October, '18. MPA raised $36,000 for our annual school fundraiser.

Recent Love Letter~

I wanted to let you know (again) how much my family appreciates our son's fabulous teachers and your great program. He came home and told us that his teachers were really happy he came and stayed all day with a big smile on his face. I tell them lots how we adore them but I wanted to make sure you know that your program is really loving and wonderful. We are so happy to be part of it. ~ Primary HS Options Parent