What's the plan?

Dakota Ridge Seniors:

Career Explore students will still attend and graduate from DRHS but will have a individualized schedule tailored to student's chosen career field.

Fall Semester

First 6 weeks - Education

    • Attend core classes at Dakota Ridge High School specific to skills needed in career field
      • Example: Geometric Principals for construction students
    • Time and opportunity to complete credit recovery classes online
    • Career Explore class for soft skills
      • Examples: resumes, interview skills, financial literacy, field trips, guest speakers from industry

Second & Third 6 weeks - Training

    • On-site training through industry partnership
      • 2-3 days a week on-site (dependent on career)
      • 1-4 days a week at DRHS working on Capstone project
    • Industry required training's
      • Registration, classes, fees and certificate
      • Examples: OSHA 10 (Occupational Safety and Health Administration through U.S. Department of Labor), First-Aid/C.P.R., CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), Servesafe.

Spring Semester - Internships

  • 2-3 days a week at work site
    • 1-3 days a week at DRHS
  • Opportunity to interview for a paid internship
    • Internships will be during school hours

Final - Presentation of Capstone Project

  • Students must demonstrate and explain learnings to a panel of experts

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  • Our world is changing and more students do not see the relevance of traditional schooling.
    • College is not for all students, but a career pathway is realistic.

  • In 2016 - 520 youth dropped out of Colorado schools
    • costing taxpayers $13,900/year
    • a societal cost of $37,450/year (estimated, Opportunity Youth Report, 2017).

  • Our current system does not provide enough opportunities for students who desire a hands-on, interactive real-world education.
    • Collaborating with our industry partners in the community, we can prepare these high school students for the future tailored to their goals and dreams.

  • Students will be better prepared to engage in the work world, while still graduating from high school.

  • Upon graduation, students will have earned:
    • A high school diploma
    • Industry training certificate
    • Paid internship
    • More experience and expertise in chosen career field than other students with equivalent high school diploma.