9th Grade Transition Website

@Lakewood High School

Welcome incoming Freshman students & Families

Class of 2025

We are so excited to have you as a Lakewood Tiger! The journey from middle to high school can be an exciting but nerve-racking one. Don't worry, you are not alone! We are here to support you and help you succeed. No matter what school or community you are coming from, you belong here at Lakewood High School.

Upcoming Events!

Freshman Orientation Day

This day is ALL about our Freshman Students! Our Link Leaders host a day packed with freshman-only fun activities where you can meet new friends, sign up for some clubs and get a better sense of what a day at LHS looks like!

Tuesday, August 17th from 7:50-3:30

Freshman Family Hour Orientation

This event is for our parents, guardians and families that would like to learn a little more about LHS from a LHS Counselor. More info and invite to come.

Tuesday, August 17th from 8:10-9:10

Mark your calendars now!

Helpful things to know:

  • If you missed the Freshman Check-In event on 8/5, you can pick up your Chromebook at Freshman Orientation Day on Tuesday, August 17th! You can also take your photo for the yearbook and ID on Wednesday, August 18th.

  • ID's will most likely be administered on Friday, August 20th during Seminar aka Tiger Time.

  • Schedule Changes: The schedule change request window will start during 8th block on Thurs Aug 19th and will stay open until 3:17 pm (end of school) Friday, Aug 20th. All requests must be submitted electronically via the Schedule Change Google Form. The Schedule Change Google Form will be posted on this Class of 2025 Google Classrooms. Please understand that Counselors are limited in what we can do for schedule changes. Schedule changes will only be considered under the following policies: Student was enrolled in the wrong class, has already received credit in the course, has not completed the prerequisite for the course, is missing a core class, or needs a specific class to graduate. We are working on these mistakes before school starts. Changes may not be able to be made for: specific teacher requests, specific period off requests, transportation, or work issues.

  • Most students have been invited to the Class of 2025 Google Classroom. Be sure to accept the invite and turn on notifications!

  • Check out the Helpful LHS Info under the Classwork tab in the Class of 2025 Google Classroom.